Mini Dental Implants Tecate

First of all, what the mini dental implants are? An MDI is a miniature titanium implant and it works like if it was the root of your tooth, the dentist insert this in your gum and the denture is attached to it, the mobility that the implant allows is minimal and your denture can resist the natural force that, you will not have to suffer anymore with loose dentures.

The MDI can be used for a single tooth and in bridge cases, and it’s a long term solution, some people have been wearing them for a very long time, decades. There are many people that suffer from the lack of teeth, which is called edentulous, and many of them suffer from the traditional dentures, because of the movement. I think we all have seen a commercial or a movie where someone loses his denture and while it can be fun for the person that is watching, it is a very embarrassing situation to the person that happens, so the dental implant is a great choice for those who are edentulous of the lower jaw because this is the one that needs more stability.

The procedure is oral surgery, but it only needs local sedation, total anesthesia is not necessary, and this treatment is performed by a prosthodontist, also many dentists can do it. The doctor is going to put four of the mini implants in your mandible, they are the size of a toothpick, then the dentist is going to adjust your denture, this procedure takes about 1 hour to be done, it’s minimally invasive and you will be able to enjoy a meal within one hour, and with a little practice you are going to be ready to attach or remove your denture, and in this way have a good oral hygiene.

You should consider the mini implants instead of the traditional dental implant or the partials ones, they have many advantages like the fact that is a simple procedure, you are not going to have secondary effects, the mini implants are cheap, they are only a fraction of the implant supported denture cost, and I assume that you want the best teeth at the best price, right? If we endured having braces as kids, now that we are adults we worry more about our smile, so, when you decide to come for a visit ask the dentist about all the prosthodontics available and which can work better for you.

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