Ways To Do Free Online Cheapest Background Check

Every firm has some rules and regulations they follow and want everyone to follow. When it comes to hiring a certain employee, a background check is a must not only for the firm but for the employee, as well as every employee has to meet certain requirements that are important for the position they are going to hold. A background check is vital to hire the proper candidates who don’t cause any issue later on. Also, it ensures that the other employees are getting a safe workspace and there is no violence. There are many ways to do the cheapest background check, but before that, it’s important to know what it means and why it is important.

Why a background check is important, and what comes into a background check?

Background check is essential for various reasons. First, they help the firm know what kind of person the candidate is to prevent any lawsuits, later on, to keep the firm’s reputation. Also, it helps to confirm the information given in the CV and many more.

When we say background check, it usually means pulling the criminal records of that particular person. But it has a lot of different aspects. The drug record, pulling the driving records, credit history, gambling records, sexual offender history, mental health records, alcohol history, frauds and much more.

Ways to do an online background check

  • LinkedIn:

Every person who is searching for a job or is doing one has a LinkedIn profile. From there, you’ll get the list of the companies they worked at, their school and the college they passed out from easily. For an extra step, you can contact the HR of the companies they work for cross-verification to make it hassle-free.

  • Social media sites:

Social media tells a lot about what type of person you are. Go through their profile to see what they share and what they upload to know what kind of personality they have.

  • Referral links:

Referral links play a vital role when doing a background check. You can ask for the referral links from the candidates, which will help you to cross-verify further. It may be their friends, acquaintances, places they worked before, HR’s of other companies they worked at or any other connection.

  • Contact workspace:

Usually, the contact of the firms they worked at before is given in the CV. You can ask them for additional information.

  • Sites:

Although, finding an affordable background check is a tedious task. Luckily, there are some sites available on the Internet that does it for free and are reliable. You just have to give some basic information they need to perform the task, and you’re good to go.

  • Verification:

For the criminal check, you can go for the criminal and court records. For the address check, you can check it by sending an administrative to confirm the location they gave you. For the education check, contact the school or college they have given in their CV, and you can ask for the academic records through mail or contact number. For the past employment records, you can contact the companies they have worked in and are they eligible for hiring on based the experiences.

Background check is a hectic task to do. It takes a lot of effort and energy, but it is extremely important before hiring anyone at the end of the day. It ensures that you’re hiring the right candidate for the safety of other employees and the company. It also will ensure your peace of mind and won’t leave you with regrets or doubts if something goes wrong.

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