Electronic Cigarettes – Boon or Bane?

Recently I read an article on electronic cigarettes and I was not even aware that such a thing existed. So I took it upon myself to read up on the subject. A Google search on ‘electronic cigarettes’ yielded more than five million results, which itself is a proof to its popularity. It is a fad among those who want to kick the butt.

By reading up articles, I learned that electronic cigarettes came into existence some three years back. It was developed to help smokers quit the habit. It helps the smoker by inducing the same effect as real smoking, but is not harmful.

During the three years of its existence, electronic cigarettes have seen much improvement. Now the fourth generation cigarettes available are concentrating on user-friendliness, while the earlier variations were too bulky to attract the targeted audience. The ‘mini’ version of electronic cigarette measures to just 10cm in length, which is the same as a normal cigarette.

The electronic cigarette gives the smoker a taste of nicotine, without its harmful side effects. This satisfies the person’s urge to smoke, at the same time he is not adding toxins to the body; this sounds too good to be true. Let us see whether it is real or not. Proper research should be done at online sites to know about the aquavape vape liquid consumption. The drinking of the vape juice will have organic ingredients for the good health of the person. No toxic chemicals should be added so that the addiction of the cigarettes will be reduced for the person. 

Electronic cigarette is meant to be used like a normal cigarette. It can be held and smoked, with smoke coming out of the lighted end. Even the glow is the same as in a real lighted cigarette. This is achieved by a battery-operated atomizer, with a nicotine chamber. Nicotine cartridges of varying strengths can be placed in the chamber, to get the authentic flavor. Those who want to quit smoking completely can keep reducing the strength of the nicotine cartridges.

An electronic cigarette also is cost saving, as the nicotine cartridges doesn’t cost as much as cigarettes. One cartridge lasts as long as 15 or 20 cigarettes, which makes it an economical option. Nicotine cartridges are available in standard, medium, low and no nicotine varieties.

Even for a casual observer, electronic cigarette appears to be a useful and healthier option to normal cigarettes. If you explore the possibilities of electronic cigarettes further, the benefits seem to be endless, the foremost being that there is no restriction on smoking electronic cigarettes in public areas. This is so because it doesn’t emit any harmful smoke.

Again, as electronic cigarettes do not create trouble for those around you, you can smoke them in the company of family and friends, including children.

In short, electronic cigarettes are healthier, harmless and cheaper option compared to the regular cigarettes. With the awareness about its benefits growing day-by-day, hopefully there will come a day when the harmful cigarettes will be totally replaced by the electronic variety.

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