Good Sewing Machine Brands

Shopping for sewing machines for beginners gets confusing with all the feature of these machines mentioned on Here’s how to decide which features are most important so you can pick the best new machine for your particular needs.

Horizontal thread delivery, front-load bobbins, and 50 stitch counts – what does it all mean? Sorting through the functions for each type of machine on the market is like walking into Starbucks for the first time and trying to order a regular coffee. The terminology might seem like gibberish.

All of the features described for sewing machines for beginners are important but some are much more important than others. Spending your money wisely means determining those critical factors from other features that are cool but unnecessary.

Here are the top 5 tips for evaluating sewing machines for beginners:

Can it perform the type of sewing needed by the user?

This is the most important factor. If you are looking for a new sewing machine because you want to take up embroidery sewing, you might need special stitch types and accessories that you would not need if you were looking for a basic sewing machine with which you can mend your family’s clothing. Quilting is another sewing machine function that interests many beginners but not all basic machines handle quilting easily.

Understanding how the machine will be used guides you into boiling down the most important requirements of a new machine amongst all of the features available. These include things like presser foot types, stitch count and variety, buttonhole capability, and adjustment flexibility for stitch width, length, and presser foot height.

Outline the type of sewing that the machine needs to perform and then gauge all models in your comparison list against your sewing needs. This should help you see that a more expensive, computerized model is not necessary for a machine that will just be used to alter pant hems.

Machine Quality

Once you’ve narrowed down your selection of machines based on your needs, look for brands that have a reputation for quality, superior parts (less plastic, more metal), and sturdy construction.

Model-Specific Reviews

Shopping sites today allow other buyers of specific sewing machine models to share their experience with that machine. Be sure to read what other users have said in their review and gauge for yourself how important their feedback is to your buying decision.

Ease of Use

When you are just starting to sew, you want a machine that makes sewing easy – not more complicated. Avoid machines that would take too much time to learn like those that offer computerized stitching selection and programmable stitch patterns. You want to focus on developing your new skills – not spend time trying to figure out what button works which piece of your sewing machine.

Price Comparison

In the end, a decision about sewing machines for beginners often comes down to price. Fortunately, there are many high-quality sewing machines on the market for less than $100 that will last for years and include the functionality to grow with the user.

Sewing has increased in popularity again as the economy has forced us to cut back on clothing and home goods expenditures. Making your own clothes and tackling home decoration projects is fulfilling and creative work. If you follow these tips you’ll have an easier time choosing amongst all available options.

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