Tips For New Realms Players – Know The Tips

Minecraft Realms is an online service, a world can be useful for you and your friends.This service is a good opportunity for players because it allows you to play even if you are not connected to the internet.Only people you choose to play with can join you on the play, and everything you create on there is in your hands and you can do it as you like.

Realms are available for Windows 10/Pocket Edition and PC/Mac Minecraft versions.Here we are presenting some options that can help you to search out for your Realm.

Backing Up Your Realm

Minecart world that is protected by servers , even if you are not playing the game or you are offline your Realm will be the same when your return on the game.But it is a better choice if you keep your backups of your Realms because if your village burns down you can restore your Realm from another previous backup.

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To do this in Windows 10/Pocket Edition you can click on the Edit Realm option Realms menu.

When you download the world you can play it on the single player.

In the PC/MAC version of the Minecraft the Realm can back up by only closing and opening again the Realm. And whenever you choose to do this it immediately creates the backup.

Restoring and Replacing Realm

To do this option on Pc/Mac you should press Reset Realm on Realms menu and that is enough to create a New World .On Windows 10/Pocket Edition you select Reset World.

If a player wants to create a multiple world one of the empty world option on the menu should be selected.This will allow you to share a lot of new adventures with your friends.

Adding Players

Here only the friends that you choose can join you on the game.

On Windows 10/Pocket Edition an Xbox Live account is needed for your friend in order to play with you. When you add a friend you can add the player from your Friend List by pressing + button next to their names.

On Pc/Mac click on the Players tab on the Configure Realm menu.Select Invite Player and all you should do is to type their username

Removing Friend

To remove a friend you have to find their names on the Players screen.

On the Windows 10/Pocket Edition select the button “…” and then the – button.

On Pc/Mac you should only select the X button next to the players name.

Promoting a player to operator

Operator helps you to create your Realm but they can not remove or invite players, but still you have to pick a player that you trust in order to promote.Click the Players screen and select this symbol you see down there :

Add-Ons , Behaviour Packs and Resource Packs

If you are playing on Pc/Mac you should have access on player-made maps and mini-games that are approved by us for all the players.

Now try realms for free !

Realms is a payment that is based service and we want the players to be sure that this is the best choice for you. Click here to choose your free realm for PC/Mac or Windows 10/ Pocket Edition.

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