The Benefits Of Circuit Training –Learn About The Benefits!!

If your goal is to lose weight, then exercise should be a key component of your weight loss regime. It is all about working smart and making the most of what time you have to exercise. In order to burn fat and get fit, have you considered circuit training?

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No matter what you think about exercise, you can not argue with the many health benefits it provides. As well as helping you to control your weight and giving you a great sense of well-being, exercise can help prevent serious illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and it can help to build healthy bones, muscles and joints. Exercise releases feel-good chemicals into your brain and can help relieve stress and fight against depression. If you want to burn fat, then you need to combine a well balanced diet with a good quality exercise routine.

Haven’t got enough time or can’t be bothered? I know that exercise is not everyone’s bag and to some people, it is their idea of sheer hell. But if you are serious about losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle, then can you really achieve this without exercising regularly? If you are not a big fan of the gym, there are other options for physical activity. Although you do need to find an activity that gives you a cardiovascular workout, something that raises your heart rate and gets you sweating. There are some excellent sports such as squash, tennis, football, long distance running, basketball and volleyball which will give you a solid workout.

Many people find it hard to stay motivated when sticking to an exercise program and simply find exercising too boring. If your exercise sessions start to feel like a chore, it will be easy to give up. To stop your exercise sessions becoming boring, inject some variety in to them. One way to this is through circuit training.

Circuit training has many benefits, it involves you working at a high intensity (which burns more calories), works a number of different muscle groups and can involve a number of different exercises in one session. It can also be ideal for people with very little time, because you can make your circuits as short or long as you like. Lets look at what circuit training actually is.

Circuit training is a mixture of intensive aerobic and strength activities done in sequence with very short rest periods between each one. Each activity is usually only done for a number of minutes, however these short and intense activity bursts allowing you to give it your all. You can alternate the exercises so that you are not using the same muscle groups for two activities in a row. Once you have completed all the activities (normally around 5-8) you have completed the circuit.

The great thing about circuit training is that you can burn a lot of calories in a short space of time and you can constantly change the activities in your circuit to keep your sessions fresh. You can design circuits that focus on strength training, circuits that concentrate on cardiovascular activities or perhaps a combination of both. I often do a circuit when exercising that contains 7 activities for 1 minute and 20 seconds rest between each, allowing me to go flat and complete a full circuit in under 10 minutes. You can then always repeat the full circuit if you wish. as you get fitter you can increase the time on each activity and reduce the rest periods. I use weights, punch bags,medicine balls and skipping ropes along with squats, step-ups and crunches and always tend to vary my circuits from session to session.

I think that anyone can find a circuit that they will enjoy. There is no better feeling that completing a circuit, knowing that you have worked flat out. Use circuit training to burn fat and get fitter as part of your weight loss program.

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