Why Are There More Ants In My Home Business

It isn’t easy to run a multi-million dollar business especially in current times which in any case has come down due to Covid-19 but what if the problem regarding a business is ants and this is what this article is all about because ants are not exactly what come to mind when talking about business scheme, which you can try out with Zothex Flooring or interior designs but this one’s different.

Whether you run a business or keep busy at home, one point of focus you may face is an issue with ant infestations. But why is it that ants become so rampant around this time of year? And what can you do to fight these infestations?

An increase in ant infestations

The summer season proves to be an interesting time for pest problems in general, not just that of ants. Many insects and other pests come out of hibernation and mate between the spring and summer, meaning that their populations increase exponentially and, as a result, we’re met with a new wave of pests that can often be a non-issue in the cooler months.

For ants, the summer season is a lively time for them. As they forage for food, they tend to find themselves entering into our homes or businesses to collect scraps of food to take back to their own homes. Beyond this, most ants don’t have an interest in our properties, but the issue lies in the fact that it won’t just be one or two ants that will enter a house/business to collect leftover food, it will be hundreds – even thousands – at one time.

Once ants enter your premises, they can then identify more food sources and move throughout your property until they find them all. This means that ants could move from one part of your premises to another, presenting health hazards for you, customers (if you run a business), your pets, etc.

How to combat ants coming into your home or business

Given that most ants come enter a property for the expressed reason of seeking food, a good initial preventative measure is to keep on top of your food scraps. By giving ants less incentive to invade your premises, they’ll be less likely to enter. For businesses, this can be difficult depending on the nature of your actual business.

For example, if you run a restaurant/cafe/delicatessen, food and food scraps are going to be a natural part of your business. The best you can do here is dispose of your scraps properly into bins, while remembering to empty them on a frequent basis and also clean them frequently as well.

Another good approach is to remove the number of entry points for ants. In particular identify very small gaps and cracks that they could be using that other pests may not be able to breach. Also remember that ants aren’t afraid to try different routes to get in if others are cut off. Follow the trail of the ants to see what entry points they could be using.

If you happen across their nest, you can decide whether or not to try and kill them off at the source. But remember that ant nests can be fairly complicated and spraying bug spray won’t necessarily stop them.

Another measure – a more popular option for homes – is to use outdoor surface spray. If you can’t afford to close up certain cracks and gaps, protect them by spraying a layer of surface spray on there. Make sure you do not use an outdoor surface spray inside as the potency can pose health concerns for your, others and pets.

Surface spray should be seen as an option to use if controlling food scraps and closing up entry points don’t work. Just remember that surface spray doesn’t deter pests, it is designed to kill them upon contact with the spray’s toxins.

If your ant infestation problem becomes too great, you should set out to hire a pest management professional. They will be able to identify the pain points and stop ant – and other pest – infestations from happening.

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