Herbal Natural Remedies For Constipation

Constipation is one of those things that everybody has gone through, but nobody wants to talk about. It is so common, in fact, that almost every world culture’s healers and shamans have come up with some sort of herbal remedy for its cure. Some of these natural remedies for constipation are more effective than others, but in general, they all act as laxatives. We will look at the most effective of these herbal laxatives, but you should know that before you attempt to use a laxative, you should attempt to exercise and increase your fiber and water intake to relieve your constipation. If that does not work for three days, then you should try one of these natural home remedies for constipation. It should be noted that all of the laxatives that you can buy at the drug store are based on these natural remedies, which you can grow right in your own garden.

Try a natural bulking laxative.

Bulking laxatives work by greatly expanding in your colon when combined with water. Because of the large volume of the substance, your colon will naturally begin to contract. Clevescene is the preferred form of natural remedy for constipation, as it will not change your colon’s sensitivity or ability to contract on its own. Examples of bulking laxatives include flaxseed and psyllium husks and seeds. If you do not grow these on your own, they can be found at most health food stores and even some farmer’s markets.

To take a bulking laxative, you simply eat the substance and then drink a few glasses of water. In less than an hour, you should feel an urge to move your bowels. It really is as simple as that!

If a bulking laxative is not working, you can try a stimulant laxative.

Although these herbal remedies for constipation are all-natural ingredients, they are still potent. It is recommended that you only use this type of laxative as a very last resort. This is because regular use can cause dependency, damage the natural functionality of your colon, dehydrate you, and deplete electrolytes. A stimulant laxative works because of the substances it contains called “anthraquinones.” These substances irritate your colon, which causes it to contract. Very often, a stimulant laxative can also cause diarrhea. Examples of natural stimulant laxatives include cascara bark, senna, and aloe.

You can either grow these herbs on your own or buy them at a health food market. They are extremely effective at relieving your constipation in a surprisingly small amount of time. To use cascara bark or senna, you simply take the powdered herb and boil a small amount of tea. Some minutes after drinking the tea, you will feel a very strong urge to go to the bathroom.

Stimulant laxatives can also cause strong cramping and bleeding diarrhea, so use them with care. They are so powerful that we have to reiterate that you should only use them after you have exhausted all of your other options in relieving your constipation.

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