Low-Fat Substitutions in Cooking Can Help Weight Loss

[‘ Cooking your own food with flavorful and low-fat ingredients can help you to make food with a nutritional punch and help you to control your weight. I used to know a wonderful older lady who made delicious German chocolate cake. She proudly said that the secret to her cake was that she used applesauce in the recipe instead of the recommended vegetable oil. She would use a regular box mix and just substitute the apple sauce for the oil. Now, this was still a chocolate cake and not exactly diet food, but the substitution of apple sauce helped to make the cake a little more diet-friendly.

It is no secret that obesity is a major epidemic in the United States, a problem aggravated by eating fast food, high-fat food, and not getting enough exercise. It can be tough to eat wisely, especially if you eat out or eat on the run frequently. Although there are weight loss pills such as gocce idealica out there, the temptation is everywhere, with high-calorie snacks lining the shelves of grocery stores and convenience stores that are so easy to grab and eat.

It is possible to eat food that is flavorful, low in fat, low in calories, and healthy; but it does require some nutritional information and advance planning. One way to eat yourself skinny is to sneak in flavorful and low-fat ingredients as a substitute for fats, oils, and sugars.

Following are some tips to reduce the fat and calorie count of meals:

Substitute bananas or applesauce for oil in baked goods, such as muffins, bread, and cakes. Bananas have some natural oils and are rich in potassium and nutrients. The sweetest of the fruit also reduces the need for sugar in baked goods.

Use slices of avocados on sandwiches instead of mayonnaise or salad dressing. The avocado contains healthy oil that adds moisture, flavor, and nutrients to the sandwich.

Use lower-fat cuts of meat. Instead of the pricey rib eye or New York Strip, serve a flank steak. The lower price cuts of beef also tend to be lower in fat and calories and can be more flavorful. They may require longer cooking because they tend to be tougher than cuts with high-fat content.

Fish is a good alternative to high-fat meats. Broil or grill fish using herbs and spices for flavor instead of butter sauce. There are a number of great seasonings from fish, including soy, ginger, teriyaki, chili, Cajun, lemon, and more.

Serve lean ham or Canadian bacon instead of the higher fat sliced bacon, which should be avoided. Lean ham can be also be used as a flavoring in soups and other recipes.

Use skinless chicken and serve it broiled sautéed or baked instead of fried. Chicken is versatile and can be prepared a number of flavorful ways, such as poached in wine or tomato sauce. Turkey breast is another low-fat alternative that can be prepared in a variety of ways.

Use Olive oil or canola oil instead of butter or mayonnaise on bread, vegetables, and salads. Be cautious in using the oils, as they are still high in calories, so they should be used sparingly. The oils are a healthy option when compared to butter.

Use skim milk instead of whole milk to cut fat. Substitute low-fat yogurt for sour cream.

Use whole-grain bread instead of white bread because the grains add fiber and nutrients and more filling and satisfying than white bread.

Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. Incorporate fresh produce in the diet because it is nutritious, flavorful, and filling. Fruits especially contain natural sugar that can help in satisfying the sweet tooth.

Preparing your own food is a great way to control the ingredients and thus the fat and calorie counts of the food you eat. Substitute low-fat bur flavorful ingredients for a nutritionally sound and satisfying way to eat well and lose weight.

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