Who Else Wants to Discover the Secrets of a Sleep Disorders Lab ?

You finally succumbed to your spouse’s demands and consulted your doctor about your snoring problem. During your discussion about this issue, the doctor decides that a further study should be done to determine the actual extent of the problem. In this article, I will relay what I experienced during a sleep study test a few years ago.

The sleep study test, or polysomnogram, is a test that will measure and monitor the functions of air flow, respiratory effort, blood oxygen levels, snoring, and body positioning. In additions sensors will also monitor brain waves, eye movements and muscle activity. There was no pain involved in the test and very little discomfort at all.

In current times, this test needs to be conducted on a regular basis because the sheer number of people grappling with insomnia is quite high alongwith reading online resurge reviews that will help in keeping this disorder at bay but human indulgence prevents them from doing so.

I reported to the sleep lab at around 7 pm with my jammies and clothes for the next days work, as I planned to leave the sleep lab and report to my regular job. When I got there, I found the sleep technicians to be very pleasant and helpful. Each patient was assigned a private room with the standard hospital bed. After a brief orientation of the nights procedure, I was connected to over 20 sensors.

The sleep technician then explained the function of the CPAP (continuous positive air pressure) machine and let me try it on and experience the air flow. She demonstrated the machine and selected a mask that would fit my round face. Great, now I not only had to not tangle my numerous wires but I was going to be wrestling with a one inch plastic tube and face mask.

Around 8 pm all six of the patients there were ushered to their rooms. I climbed into the bed and the sleep technician connected all the wires to the computer network and instructed me to not roll over on the wires. She explained the first half of the test would be monitoring of my sleep patterns and the second half of the night would be using the CPAP machine and calibrating the air flow. She shut out the light and closed the door.

But not all the lights were off. There was a red light in the ceiling that glowed and bathed the room with a dim light. I asked that it be turned off. They did turn it off until I went to sleep and turned it on again.

Sometime later the sleep technician woke me up in order to place the CPAP mask over my face. She said they would be in to adjust the flow but that should not bother me.

The next thing I really remember was being roused from sleep so that the sensor leads and CPAP mask could be removed. I had survived the sleep test.

After getting cleaned up and dressed, I met briefly with one of the attending doctors who informed me the results would be mailed to me in a few days. Sure enough, the envelope arrived with the diagnosis of sleep apnea and steps were set in motion to obtain a CPAP machine of my own.

Today, my spouse and I again share the same bed. I have been using the CPAP machine successfully for a number of years.

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