Movie Watching- Safety’s Sake

There are many forms of entertainment in the world that we all love with movies and sports being the most prominent of all but today we shall focus on movies because in the past year we all have become used to OTT platforms without going to theater.

So if you want to watch a Nonton film online or any novo noir thriller from any part of the world, you have the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime to take care of your entertainment quotient with Hollywood flicks at random.

But the changing scenario that has been brought by OTT platforms is that you can watch movies from all over the world, which is why you can find Spanish, French, Italian and Japanese movies with English subtitles to enjoy to your heart’s content.

Important Flicks

The fact that these OTT platforms have so many movies from across the globe with subtitles is a step in the right direction as people now want variety in their movie watching schedule and are looking to see the talents from across the world.

For example, India has the largest film industry in the world that produces nearly 2000 films each year while Hollywood and other industries produce just a fraction of that number.

It is the OTT platforms that has allowed the people in the West to explore the phenomenal talent present in the east and has shattered their stereotype of Indian films being just about musical numbers where people burst into song every few minutes.

However, there is a problem with watching movies online because we all know that in order to watch movies on these platforms, you need to pay the subscription and enjoy the service for a month.

The issue is that there are many fake platforms online posing as movie websites that lure innocent victims in order to mint money off them by presenting fake discount offers or promises of cash back.

While it is impossible for people to be fooled easily in current times, there are still some people that are caught off guard and end up losing more than they had hoped for due to which they lose faith and start demeaning all online platforms.

Precautionary Measures

  • Make sure that you have a virtual private network (VPN) software at home so that it will hide your IP address and prevent it from getting accessed by hackers, who will use the opportunity to break into your official website and extract delicate information about your family and bank account but if you have this network, all traffic and data will become encrypted, which means that neither the service provider nor the federal government will know what you’re doing
  • Subscribe to official websites apart from the ones mentioned above like 123movies, Hulu, Pandora, etc. to name a few as they have their official website and therefore trustworthy but keep distance from platforms that you’ve never heard of as it could be a hackers’ trap to lure you into a fake scheme
  • Never go for JavaScript as many SEOs use it to track your choices made online and it is encoded into your cookies so that it can add up to your computer when you search the website so clear your browsing history before visiting any platform
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