No2 Portable Vaporizer & Easy Vape Digital Deluxe offers the widest selection of portable vaporizer, herbal vaporizer and vaporizer products supported by award-winning customer service. There are distinct number of vaporizers available in the market but you can buy the one that best complete your needs only when you are well aware of all the procts. This article is inclusive of every detail related to the dry vaporizer. You can click to read more.

The portable NO2 vaporizer and the Easy Vape Digital Deluxe is certainly the most incredible vaporizer which has acquired immense accolades from customers in United States. This light weight vaporizer has been manufactured by Vapir, a renowned vaporizing company headquartered in California. The NO2 vaporizer is composed of components of the highest quality. This out of the box portable vaporizer is extremely easy to use and can be carried along even if you happen to be outside, on the road or camping.

Battery System

The NO2 uses an internal battery devised to heat the element. This is made from brass which is suitably coated in stainless steel. This means that you can inhale pure, thick fumes with the essence of your favorite herbs. The herbal vaporizer tastes incredibly nice and is devoid of the pungent flavor that most butane based materials provide. The battery is rechargeable and can be used efficiently for about 5-6 sessions. The heating element heats up the device in exactly about 2 minutes and the incredible temperature control facility allows you to customize your favorite inhaling temperature. However, it is crucial to turn on the vaporizing unit when it is plugged in for charging the battery inside.

Key Features

The NO2 Portable Vaporizer & Easy Vape Digital Deluxe is certainly a superior inhaling unit that consumers will highly enjoy. Some of the most distinguished features of the unit are illustrated below:

  • The most interesting part of the portable vaporizer is that it can be used almost everywhere.
  • The small unit is manufactured from durable polycarbonate and surpasses in quality standards too. The inhaling fume is nice and clean which urges you to indulge more and more.
  • The LCD screen displayed on the outer structure of the Easy Vape Digital Deluxe is illuminated and lets you know the specific temperature that the vaporizing unit is operating at that moment.
  • The rich and dense fumes from the inhaling unit make vaporizing more intense.
  • Enriched with the essence of natural herb extracts creates an aroma and taste provides the most enchanting feeling when you vaporize. This quality sets the herbal vaporizer apart from most other units that are presently available in the industry.
  • The Easy Vape Digital Deluxe is available in 3 stunning designs of Burlwood, Carbon Fiber and Maple.
  • The sleek and durable unit of the vaporizer, allows the vapor whip to sit on the on the unit which makes it a quality portable vaporizer. Hence, inhaling the rich taste of herbal ingredients makes vaporizing more comfortable.
  • The heater cover is fixed to the unit with a thickness of .75mm to 2.25mm.
  • Manufactured from receptacle fuses to protect the inner unit from electric fluctuations.
  • Manufacture warranty up to 1 year. However, glassware or physical damage to the NO2 Portable Vaporizer and Easy Vape Digital Deluxe unit is not covered under this warranty period.

The vaporizer is made from silver polycarbonate and is the most fashionable vapor box available in the market today. The whip is of ample length which allows vapor draw at one’s own leisure.

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