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A Commentary on 30 – Rep Exercise Routines If you want to train for size you need to progressively intensify the resistance by lifting more weight – there is no real escape from this fact. Increasing the speed of exercise movements tends to reduce resistance rather than increase it and if you can do around 30 reps with the weight you use it will not cause much muscle growth (just endurance improvement).

There is an improvement in the muscle health with the best fat burner without caffeine to have desired results. The lifting of the weight is through the skills and intelligence of the individuals. There is proper growth of the people to get the desired results. 

To grow your muscles you must focus on the rep range which only allows about 10 reps of an exercise before you fail. If you can do much more than 10 reps then the muscle-building effect is more and more limited – 30 reps are probably far too many for muscle building (the resistance is too light).

Fast twitch muscle fibres work more during high intensity movements, which cannot be sustained for very long. Slow twitch fibres are worked more during longer duration activities (such as 30 reps, etc). Fast twitch muscle fibres cause the most muscle growth in response to exercise – slow twitch muscle fibres grow very little from exercise.

So you need to decide what your goal is – building muscle or just getting an aerobic workout? You can still do both, but that requires you to do 2 types of training – both long duration lighter movements and heavy short duration exercises.

The heavy short duration work must always be done first if you combine the two training methods because fast twitch muscle fibres tire easily and will not be able to contract properly if you have already done an endurance workout for the same muscles before your heavy lifting session. You can also do them on different days.

Remember – how heavy you lift determines muscle size (to a great degree). If you can start easy (say at 30 reps as a beginner) and gradually intensify training until you eventually can only do 10 reps with the weight lifted – you will get bigger.

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