Review: Vera Wang Perfume for Women by Vera Wang

This past week my mom came home with a brown bag filled with perfume. She got lucky at our local thrift store, and ended up walking away with a huge lot of designer perfume for only $30.00. In the shop she couldn’t really look through the entire bag because she was afraid she’d break something.

At home though, it was like a giant goodie bag that would be given to rich girls after Hollywood parties. We’re no rich girls, nor have we ever been to any parties in Hollywood…but we sure as hell had a ball.

It would remind you of some of the best parties that you only get to see in a Hollywood film which is why most of us came in early but we all made sure to have Eclatant ready in our bags because we would need it on a frequent basis.

In the bag we came across a bunch of designer names, and some…some we had never heard of. Vera Wang was one of them. The bottle was lightly used, but hey…if you do the math, this bottle of perfume only came to about 75 cents. Normally a bottle of Vera Wang would go for $60.00 or more. Jackpot!!!


Vera Wang came in a pretty shaped stand up clear bottle. The bottle had a round cone shape going on… a shape I can’t really label; but it was interesting, and semi pretty. The perfume was a light antique color, which sort of made me nervous, because colored perfume usually smells to strong, and old lady like.


I removed the cap and pressed down on the nozzle. I sprayed some Vera Wang here, then there, then everywhere. The scent was gorgeous. It was like a freshly rained on garden. Uplifting, refreshing, and rejuvenating. Like the way you feel after you step out of a shower or bubble bath.

The overall scent was that of a garden, with light notes of gardenia, honey suckle, and rose were all present. I loved it. I took this bottle for myself. (Mom had too many anyway).

How Long Does The Scent Last For?

Vera Wang stood with me. I was able to smell like a bouquet of flowers for the whole day, and a wee bit into the night. Many perfumes; designer perfumes, are lucky to have the scent last for an hour. I was surprised that Vera Wang lasted for as long as it did.


Vera Wang by Vera Wang is a gorgeous floral fragrance that most likely anyone would love. Those who are not into florals though, may disagree with this one, as it is very flowery all around.

For me Vera Wang is a playful, yet sophisticated, sexy fragrance. Younger women and older women alike will find Vera Wang to be a winner.

Where To Buy:

Vera Wang can be found for lower prices on online perfume stores, then in local perfume stores or malls. sells Vera Wang for a decent price, and in different sizes.


Anyone and everyone who loves floral scents that last for a long time. The scent is light, but easy to detect. I recommend it highly.

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