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The Melitta Coffee Company is an interesting coffee company that specializes in ground and whole bean coffee, coffee filters and the Melitta Single Serve Coffee pod machine. The U.S. headquarters are located in Florida while the larger company they are a subsidiary of is headquartered in Minden, Germany. Melitta coffee is named for a German homemaker and housewife who forever changed the way coffee was made.

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Prior to 1908 and her revolutionary discovery coffee always had a sediment layer in the bottom of the cup where the coffee residue settled. Tired of this, Mrs. Melitta Bentz poke holes in the bottom of her brass pot and lined it with a sheet of blotting paper. She then strained the coffee through the paper creating the first ever coffee filter. Soon she was in the coffee filter business.

Today, the Melitta name is recognized throughout the coffee world not only for its high quality coffee filters but also for gourmet coffee and coffee beans. Melitta is a distributor of Kona Blend from Hawaii, one of the top of the line coffees. They also have a 100% Columbian coffee that is rich and dark as well as a Hazelnut coffee with the lingering flavor of hazelnut.

Melitta’s ground coffee selections are much larger and includes their Classic Roast which has been well known in the coffee world for more than 25 years. They have a Columbian dark coffee, a classic lite coffee; several flavored coffees as well as an exotic Hawaiian coffee from the island of Kauai along with many other exotic, rich coffees from around the world.

Recently Melitta moved into the world of single serve coffee makers with the Melitta One. The Melitta one uses Java pods to make one perfect cup of coffee. The Melitta one joins a growing group of single serve coffee makers that make it possible to brew only one cup of coffee with no mess or wastes.

Melitta has its own brand of coffee pods known as Java pods that are designed for use with the Melitta one. The size is perfect for the maker and is the only coffee pods that will fit the machine. The coffee maker does include instructions on how to make coffee pods using freshly ground coffee t home. Like other single serve machines, the Melitta offers a variety of coffee drinks and hot teas.

Melitta coffee brewers are slightly less expensive than other single serve coffee brewers and can brew a cup of coffee in under one minute. Clean up is as simple as throwing the Java pod into the compost bin and starting over with the next cup.

The Melitta name is well known to coffee connoisseurs around the world for some of the best coffee beans and ground coffees on the market along with the finest coffee filters. Now it is gaining attention for its one cup coffee brewer with Java pods filled with the tantalizing Melitta coffee offerings. Choosing Melitta is choosing a quality product that prides itself on being the best coffee available and offering the best service available no matter which product is being purchased.

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