What We Know About The Apple Watch Series 5

Are you planning to buy an Apple Watch Series 5 and wants to learn more about it? We got you covered. In this article, we will discuss everything that is known about the apple watch series 5 bands. Without further ado, let’s start:

  1. Battery life

Even though the Apple Watch series 5 have an always on display, it is nearly not as battery intensive as the cellular connection features of the Apple Watch series 3. Upon testing, the Apple Watch Series 5 can last for 14+ hours of semi heavy usage, and you can probably squeeze in more hours if you are a light user.

  1. Cycle Tracking

This feature is primarily for women, so you can skip this point if you don’t have monthly periods. Apple is not introducing brand new features when it comes to cycle tracking, but it still contains enough functionality that rivals other applications. Its functionality is comparable to other applications in the market. You input your periods in the beginning, after which the watch can begin precisely predicting your next period.

It allows in depth information tracking, such as symptoms, cramps, spottings, and period flows. Other information like basal body temperature, ovulation results, and cervical mucus test results can also be added in the iPhone Health application, which can be integrated with the watchOS to work alongside each other. By using these features, you can have a clear overview of your fertile window is, allowing you to prevent unwanted pregnancies using the calendar method.

  1. Design

There is not much to say in this area. The design of the Apple Watch was not changed since its first incarnation. As such, the Apple Watch Series 5 is very similar to the Series 4. Apple launched a brand new titanium polish, which contributes to its light weight in addition to looking very sleek. Additionally, the ceramic version was re-released, although it comes with a rather high $1200 price tag. Regular customers will be getting the classic choice, the aluminum version. The good thing is Apple now provides the means to customize the watch, including the strap. This means that if you want, you can go with a very personal product, as opposed to just getting whatever is in the Apple Store.

  1. Various applications

The watchOS that comes with Apple Watch Series 5 is equipped with a variety of applications that will improve your productivity. First, it features a standard calculator application, which is a good replacement for regular calculators or phone calculators. The calculator even features a tip calculator, allowing you to compute for bill sharing amongst friends if the need arises. Next, there is the Noise application, which features the ability to track decibel levels in your surroundings. 

If you want even more applications, there is also the Watch App Store that is independent of the Apple App Store for iPads and iPhones. With the ample storage present with Apple Watch Series 5, you can surely find an application for your needs.

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