Tv V/S Sky Q- Which One To Pick!

So you want to get the sky content. There are different options to make it possible and the current options are: TV the smart stick or TV smart box 4k and the sky Q route of 1TB or 2TB. People are wondering to know what to choose or how to use project free tv? Are you also got confused in deciding for the right one? There is no need to worry until we are here. In the post, we will talk about both the aspect which will help to know which one will go the best according to the needs and requirements. One will be able to easily make the difference between both the things after knowing about the things which will make it easy to take the right decision. So let’s start the discussion to take out the best decision.

What is the TV?

TV is the cheapest way which helps people to access Sky’s content. Those people who are having a lack of satellite or budget use to choose this option. The way is made for those who cannot have the sky content on a regular basis. The TV is the online streaming service which offers the sky content also by counting the sky box sets also in it to catch up on the TV as well. Now when it comes to access the TV it can be done in two ways, one is by now smart stick, and another one is by now smart box. This is available on many devices which also contain sticks, games, phones, and tablets too.

In the sky Q, one has to make the contract of at least one year at the same time. On the other side, in the now TV, one can take its benefits by making the monthly charges also. Without making any long term contract, it allows the people to take the service for the month also. In this one can take the sky content for 2 months also to watch any one series or something’s and later on they can cancel it too.

What is sky Q?

The sky Q is the full TV service which is having the capability to reinstate the sky+HD. The service needs to have a satellite, which allows the sky to bring the services of sky Q to each and every home who has taken this service. Sky Q allows the people to contact with 300 live channels. Along with this some other packages also available which can also opt by people as per their wish? Other than this, one can record, pause and rewind the live TV also. It gives permission to add some other sky Q mini boxes too in the rooms in the house.

The service is available in two ways one is with 1 TB in which people receive HD quality service. Another one is for 2 TB which is having the 4K capabilities. The sky Q needs to get the package of at least 18 months with different other packages also. There are some extras also available along with this 18 months package.

Features of not TV:

No TV smart stick-

The service can connect to the TV directly or can connect to the other screens also. One can able to stream the sky entertainments aspects also with the help of now TV smart stick.

  • In the now TV smart stick, there is no need for satellite, only internet connection is required for accessing it.
  • It is cheaper than other ways of streaming.
  • No contract is needed.
  • It based on voice control.
  • Works on a monthly basis too.
  • There are few problems also along with it, which is it does not have the capabilities of recordings.

Now TV smart box-

It is also having almost the same features as the now TV smart stick is having. The service can connect to the TV via HDMI cable instead of plug it into the back of the TV.

  • In this also, no satellite needed, only the internet connection can make an individual to access it.
  • In this, the contract is not compulsory is to be made.
  • Cheaper as compared to the sky Q ones.
  • It has the 4k compatibility with basic voice control.
  • The same problem occurs here also, this is also not having the recording feature.

Sky Q features-

Sky Q 1TB

The sky Q 1 TB service which can connect to the TV through an HDMI cable and one can connect it with via satellite too.

  • In this, the internet connection is must, but along with it the satellite also needed to access it.
  • If one is watching the fourth channel, then the 1TB can record the three channels also.
  • It supports the tablet also for streaming.
  • In the sky Q also, one problem arises. If someone wants to take the service for 2 or 3 months, then they cannot take it. At least 10 months package is must with the service.
  • It can get quickly expensive.

Sky Q 2TB

The sky Q 2 TB provides similar features like the sky Q 1TB provides to the users. The main and only one difference between both is that it provides high ultra HD quality streaming to an individual.

  • In this also, the internet connection is must with the satellite needs.
  • It can record the six channels when someone is watching the seventh channel.
  • It allows the streamers to watch it on two tablets and on two mini sky boxes also.
  • The one off box is a little expensive.
  • Can take the service but at least for 18 months.

If someone is looking for how to use project free TV, then one choose any one of the options from these two ones. The details about now TV and sky Q is mentioned above so it is easy for the people to know that which one will go the best according to their workings.

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