TSA Approved Laptop Backpacks

Getting through airport security is awful. It’s even worse if you do not have a checkpoint-friendly bag for your computer. Without one the cxsbags’s laptop bags that are TSA-approved, your friendly TSA agent will make you take your laptop out of the bag and place it separately in a bin all by itself for the x-ray scanner.

The last thing you need when you’re in a rush at the airport is to have to put your shoes and belt back on and then also worry about repacking your fragile laptop. With a full carry on the problem is only worsened when you can’t figure out how your laptop was wedged between your 3.2 oz bottle of shampoo and your electric shaver.

How to Make it through the TSA Checkpoint Without Removing Your Laptop

Getting through the TSA checkpoint unscathed is a daunting task for the most seasoned travelers and having your laptop with you just adds another pain point. That’s why we tested the top TSA compliant laptop bags to help you get through security more quickly and painlessly.

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So what makes these bags TSA compliant and how do they make your life easier? All of these laptop bags and backpacks allow you to keep the laptop inside while you go through the checkpoint. Because these bags and backpacks have a separate storage area that opens up for easy inspection, the TSA will not require you to completely remove your laptop from the bag.

This means you can throw your bag up on the conveyor, separate the section with the laptop in it, and tap dance (ok maybe not) your way through the checkpoint. Once the bag comes out the other side, just zip it back up and be on your way. This is an awesome time-saver and a must-have for frequent travelers.

If you are interested in one of these time-saving checkpoint-friendly backpacks, here are our top picks with full reviews.

Best TSA Approved Checkpoint-Friendly Backpacks for 2016

Many of the products listed above are actually available in multiple sizes, which means you can choose the right size bag for your laptop so you don’t have to worry about your laptop lying around loosely while you travel.

Before You Leave For The Airport…

A little known fact about the TSA is that their regulations and rules train the agents to focus specifically on laptops and other electronics that will not power on since those are easier to conceal explosives or illegal items. This means that before you toss that computer into your TSA-approved carrying bag, you need to make sure that it does not have a dead battery.

According to the most recent info from the TSA, anyone leaving a foreign country and heading to the United States by airplane may be required to boot up any computers, as well as cell phones and other portable electronic devices. These new regulations are also expected to go into effect for domestic flights in the United States, however, it is not expected to be required of every passenger when the flight is only within the U.S. borders. Instead, it looks like only random people will be selected from the security line to take their laptops and other electronics and prove that they will power up.

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