5 Biggest Reasons Why Non-Stick Pans Are Damaged Easily 

We have seen many times that people easily switch to the best non stick pan without teflonbut such pans get easily damaged. When regularly used in the household, these pans start damaging, and the reason behind this is the carelessness of the person who is using the pan. Most people don’t take care of the preventive measures written along with the pan when they go and buy it.

Due to this, the customer later complaints that the pan is not of good quality. If you are thinking of buying a non-stick pan, you should know why these pans get easily damaged so that you never do such practices and take proper measures to increase the life of your best non stick pan without teflon. 

Using the metal utensils while working on the non stick pans 

The first mistake that almost every cook makes while using the non stick pans is to use a steel utensil against the pan. Now what happens is that when one uses the metal utensils, then there are various wear and tears on the pan. The non-sticking sheet that is used on the pan, which makes it this way, starts to fell off. This felling off of the sheet will make the non stick pan a simple pan on which one has to use the cooking oils.

One way one can save their pan through this damage is to buy a spatula specially made for non-stick pans with a soft front. It will not let the coating go away easily.

Coating with the non stick sprays 

Most people don’t know that when t6hey are using the best non stick pan without teflon, they need to buy a spray with that for cooking. They keep on using the normal oil while cooking, which they used to do normally. The normal oil slowly and slowly degrades the sheet that is present on the pan. On the other handthe spray that is made especially for the pans has particles that don’t harm the screen and keep it intact.

You should ask the seller to give you the oil and the help you can use for cooking. If this option is not feasible, then you can also find these sprays online. Just check the compatibility of that spray and later on buy them for your pan

Cleaning with harsh scrubs 

The next option is the cleaning of the pan with hard scrubbers. When we use soap and scrubbers to clean the pan, it scratches the pan’s layers, making its performance poor. One should always remember that when cleaning the non stick pans, they should keep them aside from the normal utensils.

While washing, one should only whip it with soft foam, and all the dirt will be removed from the surface of the pan. It will save your time and increase the life of the best non stick pan without teflon. 

Heating the pan too much 

There is a cautionary warning published with the pan that states that one should not heat the pan par a certain level mentioned. People never take care of that level of heating required to the pan and start heating it like a normal pan. Due to this heating, the non stick layer starts damaging. Not just this, people also preheat the pan, which is never required.

A cook should always keep in mind that whenever they are using the non stick pan, then they have to fill the material in the pan first and then put it on the flame. If someone is not following it this way, they will find the pan non-functional very soon.

Putting the pan in the dishwasher 

The final mistake that one should be aware of always is putting the pan in a dishwasher. This is a mistake that many people make to save their time. They think that if they put it in the dishwasher, they will get cleaned itself and don’t have to put in any extra effort. But this negligence decreases the life span of the pan and damages it thoroughly. That is why one should always clean the pan by hand without taking any risk.

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