Monster Rebirth in Idle Heroes: Things You Need to know

Idle Heroes is one of the popular mobile games in the gaming community. This is because this game is not a traditional mobile game; it provides unique gameplay features that a lot of players are highly engaged into. Idle Heroes demands gamers to prepare tons of research, effective strategies for them to cope with updating their heroes, making the most from different occasions in the game and managing particular regions of the game like handling your tools, celestial islands and managing your critters. If you also visit the website, you will see why this game is the hype today.

One of the key steps for you to become successful and victorious in the game is to upgrade your monsters in Idle heroes. However, you need to understand that monsters in the game are quite costly when upgrading them. In addition, the interval time that you need to wait will be longer than in your usual game. As soon as you have your first monster on the game, it could normally take anywhere between 3- 5 weeks or even more for it to be updated into its highest potential.

One of the things that you also need to learn and understand in the game is the monster rebirth. Basically, when you selected your monster in the game and if you think that you made the wrong choice, you still have the chance to rebirth it. But there will be things that you need to expect already. First, rebirthing creatures in the game will take you back to square one (degree 1). Secondly, you might also be asked to compromise the air that your monster gained within the period you are using it and so as the resources of your monster that you have spent already. It will cost you around 250M of gold for you to develop your monster into its highest potential.

So why do you need to pay attention to monster rebirth in the game? As mentioned earlier, monsters are very crucial parts of the gameplay especially when you reached higher levels already. Monsters will be very helpful and useful during the battle. It will help you to reinforce the entire celebration and it will give you strong attacks against your enemies. Hence, monsters are great additional group member in your team. You can access monsters from amount 70. The good thing about these monsters is that they have unique development as you progress in the game. Before using any monster, you should activate it first. You may also connect to a team during the battle but you can just use 1 monster at a time. As stated earlier, developing and improving your dragon is quite time consuming and expensive. This is why it is important to choose the right monster that you need. You can click in the activate button to activate the dragon by swallowing Dragon souls. 

Furthermore, it is also important to know the skills of your monster. Basically, passive skills result can be improved when you upgrade your monster. Knowing the skills of your monster will help you fully utilize their highest potentials. 

Overall, when choosing your monster, it is important to be careful; and make sure that it is really your preference. But ideally, there is no right and wrong monster when choosing one. It is your responsibility and your job as a player to look for ways on how you can update and upgrade your monster as swiftly as possible so you can proceed to your next monster and do the same thing.

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