Making Most Of Your Online Activities: Free Realms Tips

Most of the MMO games online today require real-world cash to play in their virtual worlds. This isn’t the case with Free Realms, a relatively new Web-based game that costs nothing to play. There is a subscriber upgrade option (currently $4.99), but upgrades are not necessary to fully appreciate and enjoy this game. As a professional player you can use expert boosting to increase your online influence. You can boost your ratings and ranking as well. This is safe, quick and effective method of doing so. You can visit expert boosting to know more details and offers as well.

Essentially, Free Realms creates an online fantasy world in which human or pixie boys and girls can complete quests, win prizes and ascend the levels of various jobs, from blacksmith to ninja. It is different from other games of its type because fighting and combat are not required for play; users can busy themselves with non-violent tasks, like playing mini-games or raising their pets.

But how can a player get ahead in Free Realms and make the most of his online activity?

Connecting with Friends

One of the major benefits of Free Realms is its social networking capabilities. Not only can players meet new people as they explore the different worlds, but they can also connect with existing friends.

When you sign up for a Free Realms account and begin game play, you can choose from 10 different servers to explore. Each server is a different world, for lack of a better term, and you can only connect with players who have chosen the same server. In other words, if your best friend is playing on Server 5, you will want to select that same server if you want to connect with him or her.

Learning the Basics

Make sure to take advantage of the tutorials at the beginning of your Free Realms adventure. These will show you how to complete quests, choose jobs and navigate mini-games.

You will also learn how to select a job and how to level at the job you choose. This does not take much time once you learn the basics of the game, but it will certainly help if you focus on following instructions.

Mining Mini-Game

One of the most entertaining mini-games in Free Realms is the mining game, which requires the player to connect gems and ore in rows or groups. The more items you connect, the more points you earn, and your time increases.

If you want to increase your score in the Free Realms mining mini-game, make sure to look for groups of gems you can split up to earn the most points. Since you have to connect them in a single movement, it is easy to orphan gems that don’t fit the pattern. But if there are six gems, for example, in a broken line, you can split them up to earn more points.

Getting Gear

When you first start playing Free Realms, you’ll be able to choose things like clothing, face shape, hair color, eye color and even your name. Throughout game play, however, you might decide you want to change your clothes or dress in the garb of your chosen job.

This is relatively easy to do. You can earn new clothing items by winning mini-games or you can use cash to purchase new clothes at the Sanctuary. Additionally, you will be outfitted for your job at the lower levels whenever you select a new profession.

Goody Codes

Another way to get free gear is to collect Goody Codes. You can become a Friend of Free Realms on Facebook and get new Goody Codes from their updates, or you can search online. There are dozens of options out there, each offering a new way to enhance game play at Free Realms.

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