Integration of Minecraft With Microsoft Team For Enhanced Learning Experience

Minecraft is undoubtedly one of the most popular and exciting games that have ever been created in the world. It has 150 million players worldwide and the number continues to grow everyday. Recently a news has surfaced that Microsoft has teamed up with Minecraft in order to enhance their learning experience. The multinational corporation has announced that they are incorporating new features for their video conferencing platform Microsoft Teams. This will be done mainly to improve the overall experience of the platform’s users.

The Minecraft: Education Edition is bringing this change in the coming weeks. The software giant has also come forward saying that all the users can now use a Flipgrid topic, Forms quiz, or assessment tool within the Minecraft world. The subscription model also for the education customers known as Minecraft for Camps and Clubs will be able to enjoy the new integration.

Students who are going to learn in a Minecraft lesson can open to Flipgrid Topic, record and also share their own creations with others also. They will have the option to invite others and allow them to join the world as well. Microsoft has mentioned that an unmigrated full access minecraft account will be given to the camps, clubs, homeschools & nonprofit organizations. However they have not yet shared how the users are going to get access to the integration.

The update will be arriving later this month and is considered to be one of the most popular and effective updates till date. This is going to be a game changer for all those students and people who want to learn more about their subjects and get all the queries answered. The update will help the designated educators to initiate chats with all the students who are there in the server. Supervises are not allowed to leave the chats or end a discussion midway. That is the reason why it will help to initiate a more profound and knowledgeable discussion.

All of that leads to a healthy and very useful learning session & experience for the students. Minecraft’s new integration also brings more fun and excitement to the table as well. This is because no one has seen such an update before. This update from Microsoft is one of the top things that we are going to find out in 2021. 

Barbara Holzapfel, Microsoft’s director of education has come forward and said that  “Over the past year, teachers have leveraged technology in innovative ways to keep students engaged. Technology has moved from a temporary lifeline to make it easier to connect in distance and hybrid education to a fully integrated part of many virtual and personal classrooms”. So, what are you waiting for? 

If you are interested to get a touch of this update as well, then you can register yourself for getting access to the update as soon as it is released into the market. Let us know how the Minecraft update has helped you and how you wish to use this feature in the near future.

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