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Norelco shaver 6100 is a high cost-effective electric rasierer for men. The price is worthy of the shaver function. Philips company wants to simplify the production name to improve your shopping experience. This product’s packaging and the name have been updated, The SensoTouch 2D 1150 X/46 is called Philips Norelco Shaver 6100. Compare to shaver 8100, the biggest difference is between GyroFlex 3D to GyroFlex 2D. GyroFlex 3D means tilting inward, pivoting around, and flexing outward, but GyroFlex 2D only contains pivoting around and tilting inward. To help you understand what’s the difference. I have found two pictures of GyroFlex 3D and GyroFlex 2D from Philips’s official website. 

GyroFlex 3D

The material of the shaver. The material of shaver 8100 is better than shaver 6100. Shaver 6100 is a soft touch shaver, so you can feel smooth when you are shaving. This can protect your skin by a dry shave. It’s also a rotary shaver. However, this can’t affect shaver 6100, it is also a good shaver. Let’s take a look at the features, pros, and cons.

With a sideburn trimmer, Comfortably shaves

Shaver 6100 has attached with a sideburn trimmer, you can separate it from the shaver. This is a precision trimmer to trim your sideburn. It also supports wet or dry mode. It’s a cleaning wet shaver using a shaving gel or soap cream to protect your skin, you may worry it’s easy to slide down from your hand by a wet shave. The non-slip grip helps you say goodbye to your worry. I have mentioned shaver 6100 was a soft touch electric shaver before, it’s comfortable and smooth when you use dry shave for convenience in the morning shave. One attention I should mention to you, you should not shave it in the shower. However, Braun WaterFlex is a professional one.

A close, precise and smooth shaver

Shaver 6100 is also a close shaver because it can follow your face curves automatically. GyroFlex 2D contains pivoting around and tilting inward, which can reduce pressure and irritation on the best point. DualPrecision heads attached with slots can shave the shortest stubble. The heads with lift and cut dual-blade can lift the stubble to cut, this technology can sure you a clean shave by wet or dry mode. Like Philips Norelco shaver 8100, it also applies SkinGlide technology that can provide you a smooth and close shave.

Shaver 6100 technical knowledge

The power of shaver 6100 is a lithium-ion battery, you can charge it and use it cordless. This is convenient for your life, whatever you are at home, on your business, or on a travel trip. One hour of charging can give you 40 minutes to shave at least. If the battery energy is used up, you can charge for 3 minutes get a full shave by its rapid charging system. There is a display to show you the battery information, it can tell you when you should recharge your shaver. The voltage is worldwide that is from 110v to 240v, Ac. 50 Hz~60Hz. You can charge it in any country.

A perfect travel companion

There are a storage pouch, a travel lock, and a protective cap that help you take it when you are on your travel or business trip. Don’t worry it will be destroyed on your journey. It’s easy to clean the shaver head by running water.

I have introduced the main features of shaver 6100, which is an electric razor for men. I believe you care about the pros and cons. Now, let’ take a look. Buy it from Amazon price


  • Reach chin and neck area easily

Shaver 6100 is good at shaving the chin and neck area, due to the practical technologies and flexible shave head. Even you have a thick beard, you can deal with it easily.

  • Wet or dry mode

Shaver 6100 is the same as Shaver 8100, it also can shave by wet or dry mode.

  • A close, smooth, quiet, and quick shaver

I have introduced you to the product feature, the useable technology let shaver 6100 is close, smooth, quiet, and quick for your shaving time.

  • Not very expensive

The price of Shaver 6100 is good, it worthy of its price. You will feel the features are fit for you. It’s a real good electric razor for men.


  • Sensitive skin unavailable

If your skin is sensitive, you will feel a little hot or hurt from your skin. This is not a good impression from your feedback.

  • No personal speed settings, comfort rings

Shaver 6100 is a constant speed for rotary blades, you can not adjust your shaver on your request. There is no comfort rings design for shaver heads.

Customer feedback from the market

There are pros and cons from the market, most people think this shaver is worthy to buy. Even a little design imperfection is from it. Shaver 6100 has a perfect seller from Amazon, and you can check more customer reviews from Amazon. More reviews from Amazon

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