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If you do not know what nootropics are you may be missing out on a big enhancement to your work outs and life. Nootropics are any kind of substance that can improve your cognitive ability. While nootropics can relate to a bunch of other substances, they are commonly referenced to the racetam family of compounds on . Pramiracetam belongs to the racetam family and is one of the most potent in this group which also include: Piracetam, Aniracetam and Oxiracetam.

Racetam products like Piracetam and Pramiracetam are actually considered drugs. In some European countries they can only be obtained by a prescription however, within the United States they have no registered medical use and can be obtained fairly easily online, safety and legally. One reason the FDA has not put too much attention into racetam supplements is due to the fact that they have very low side effects and severe side effects or fatalities have been extremely rare. They are overall stable and well tolerated in most individuals.

How Racetams Work

The racetam family like Piracetam and Pramiracetam work on two important receptors in the brain. Racetams are also considered “Ampakine” drugs as they improve the efficiency of the AMPA Glutamate receptors. Reuptake of glutamate into these receptors relate to higher cognitive processing. Also, racetams work on the Acetylcholine receptor sites. Acetylcholine is an important neurotransmitter that is important in: learning, memory, sensory perception and motor skills.


Pramiracetam is simply the strongest of the racetam family. It is touted as 15-30 times stronger than Piracetam. Piracetam is commonly spoken about in popular forums like and other popular comunities. In comparison to Pramiracetam, Piracetam and Oxiracetam are seen as very weak. If you haven’t tried other racetam drugs, start with the weaker ones like Piracetam and move onto the more potent and effective ones like the Pramiracetam nootropic.

All in all, Pramiracetam may generally improve your overall cognitive function. Usually, this will relate to problem solving, memory, motivation and focus. Obviously, these will have great benefits to your work-out routine. Many find that while on racetam nootropics, they feel more desire to get things done which can increase productivity. Using Pramiracetam is likely to bring the most benefit in this area and is often stacked with choline to further enhance the effects.

Another great benefit with Pramiracetm is the enhancement it can have on focus. You may be able to analyze your workout and focus more of completing your lifts more efficiently. This focus factor may contribute in or out of the gym and lead to an overall improvement to your mental clarity. Pramiracetam has a definite boost in this area.

Pramiracetam is also found as a great stress reliever for some people. Stress can have negative effects on the body and even stimulate the release of catabolic hormones. There have been no direct studies on Pramiracetam and stress however many reports on blogs and forums point it to have benefits in this area. This would make sense, as Pramiracetam can help with cognitive processing and may also improve the way we manage our thoughts. Stress is often cause by an overwhelming production of negative thoughts that push us out of our comfort zones. Pramiracetam may increase the threshold tolerance for stress by improving our minds function. This of course, is all speculation.

Either way, Pramiracetam is likely to have some sort of benefits for you in or out of the gym. Many college students use these racetam nootropics and using them in your work outs can help you as well. Nootropics can be applied to many areas in our lives so you should give them a shot. You can learn more about racetam nootropics at

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