Dog Shedding – What Can You Do To Stop It?

Dog shedding can be a real problem, especially before summer when dogs shed their winter coat, or with old or sickly dogs who tend to shed a lot more. Many dog owners give up on wearing black and learn to live with fur balls rolling around the house. But dog shedding can be considerably reduced with special deshedding tools. With 4 rescue dogs living in my house, these are the tips I follow to escape the fluffy consequences of dog shedding.

Tip #1

There are simple deshedding tools that will remove the fur from your dog before he starts to shed. De-shedding combs are made with thinly clustered metal spikes, a lot like flea combs. These dog shedding tools come in various sizes to suit your dog’s size. By combing your dog with these specially designed dog shedding combs, you can trap the under coat which normal dog grooming brushes cannot reach. In this way, you remove the unwanted fur before it reaches the surface of your dog’s coat and he starts to shed. Such deshedding tools can be found at your pet store or online .

Tip # 2

Dog shedding can be prevented by using specially formulated deshedding shampoos. Dogs tend to shed more immediately after a bath, but the use of deshedding shampoos will not only reduce after-bath dog shedding but all day shedding. By promoting healthy skin and strengthening your dog’s fur, deshedding shampoos reduce dog shedding by striking at the root of the problem.

Tip #3

Specially formulated dog deshedding shampoos can be used without water as well. Tantamount to giving your dog a bath without using any water, these dog shedding shampoos help clean your dog’s coat and eliminate any unpleasant odors, without actually wetting the fur. Since wetting and washing the fur can contribute to dog shedding, cleaning your dog without a bath will diminish dog shedding. And special ingredients in the deshedding waterless shampoo will help strengthen your dog’s skin and fur, to reduce dog shedding some more.

Tip #4

Diet also plays a major role in dog shedding. Special deshedding treats for dogs will prevent dog shedding by introducing Omega 3 and Omega 6 Fatty Acids to your dog’s diet. These supplements strengthen a dog’s fur and skin, thereby reducing dog shedding from the inside. In addition, deshedding dog food supplements which include special nutrients and antioxidants can be added to your regular dog food to reduce dog shedding with a healthier diet.

Tip #5

Finally, dog shedding can be reduced by brushing your dog or even just combing his fur with your fingers. It’s a great idea to do this in the park or some other open area. Caress or comb away as much fur as will come out of your dog and let the wind carry it away. Just be sure not to wear gloves when doing so, or the static electricity produced by the rubbing will cause fur to cling to your gloves and cuffs.

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