What Is A Car Accident Case Worth – Check the worth of the lawyer?

Anyone that considers a personal injury suit will wonder how much money his or her case is worth. While an attorney can give valuable insight into your case and even give an estimate, there is no guarantee that you will get a certain amount.

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However, there are certain factors that will be considered in a settlement if one is granted. Questions about this and other factors, such as insurance, can best be answered in depth by an attorney.

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What Factors Will Be Considered When Determining How Much A Car Accident Case Is Worth?

Several things will be considered when determining how much a car accident case may be worth. If any of these factors seem applicable to your case or if you think that you could use help with it, contacting an attorney is the best course of action.


Naming the responsible party is based on police reports and other extenuating circumstances surrounding the accident. Eyewitness accounts may also be considered.

Weather conditions:

Was your accident caused by a hydroplaning car or driving recklessly in the rain? This could be factored into your settlement case.

Negligent driving:

There are many forms of negligent driving, including drunk driving, distracted driving and reckless operation of a motor vehicle. Negligent driving is not your fault and could mean that you are eligible for a settlement.

Poor driving habits:

Your accident may have been caused by a very young, elderly or inexperienced driver that is unable to drive skillfully. This could include forcing other drivers off the road, failure to yield and lack of motor vehicle laws. If this can be proven, it may factor into your case.

Severity of injuries sustained:

If you were severely injured or if you lost a loved one in an accident, the amount and extent of damage will be considered. Also taken into consideration is whether or not these injuries could have been avoided.

Factors such as these are common things that will be considered in a personal injury or wrongful death suit. While each case is unique, working with a qualified attorney can greatly improve your chances of getting the compensation that you deserve. The experience that an attorney has gained in the personal injury claims process can be your best advantage in these types of cases.

Other issues could arise when considering the value of a personal injury case. Insurance companies can offer settlements so that a case can be resolved quickly. A car accident lawyer with experience in dealing with insurance companies can discern if you are being offered an amount that is less than your case is worth.

What Should I Do Next?

While money will not undo the damage that has been done or bring back a loved one, it can bring peace of mind knowing that you have money to pay medical bills and other expenses. You can also have peace of mind knowing that an attorney is doing his or her very best to get your family the financial help that you deserve.

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