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Why No Huge Server? So, as you may or may not know, we have recently purchased a beefy dedicated server. As a result, many of you have been wondering why we don’t make the server huge, like a 200+ slotter.

First of all, let me go into the technical detail of Minecraft and servers. Minecraft itself is only single-threaded, which means it can only use one core of a processor. A Minecraft server itself could have 100 cores, but the Minecraft server program itself will only use one. On top of this, Minecraft is very inefficient. The game is not only coded badly, but it is coded in Java, which is probably the worst language to code this game in. That is why players often use this Minecraft alt generator in order to improve their experience as they enjoy the game.

Ok, so I bet you are still wondering how these servers are pushing 200 slots and even have 200 people on at a time. Or maybe you may have seen these 500 slot servers. First of all, these servers that show 300 slots or more are lying to you. With current technology and software limitations with the Minecraft server software, running anything bigger than a 300 slot server is not possible. These slots they show are merely for looks, to make their server more attractive. Finally, about the servers that actually have 200 players in the server. For that server, I invite you to join them to see what they are truly like. What you will find is that chat and commands and even block-breaking may be smooth, but the player lag is out of control. What I mean by the player is lag, is that the players can move, but only seem to move a few seconds later on the server, resulting in what looks like the players are teleporting across the server. This player lag would absolutely kill our type of server and make player vs player or even player vs mob combat impossible.

Now the server we have is fairly beefy and has one of the best single-threaded perform in CPU’s on the market. Technically, if we were to follow what the other servers do, we could technically host a 200 slot server, although there would be mass player lag just like I was talking about. The server we have is going to rely on PVP and PVE as the heart of its gameplay style, which means we can not afford to have any player lag like the other server have. As a result, the server will start off at 60-70 slots and we will see what it can handle and up it until we notice the player lag.

Now you may be saying: “just add more ram”, “just modify the server software” or “get a better CPU”. The fact of the matter is that we already have more than enough RAM and already have one of the best CPUs on the market. Modifying the server software to support multiple cores is not easy either, as it would require a recode of the entire game. Now there is some server software out there that can use multiple cores, but it is for vanilla, which means no plugins, which means no extra features.

Our goal is to create a server that is not laggy, like the others. We could care less if we can cram 200 players into one server.

We do not want to be like the other laggy servers out there, we want to be lag-free, hence why we are going with only 70 slots.

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