Stop Puppy Chewing

Many people have had this problem. The darn dog just won’t stop chewing on your things! There are some things you can do to break this habit or at least lessen it I have done it myself. The worst is a grown dog who chews and destroys everything in it’s path. They will especially do this if they are left alone to their own devices.I mean, let’s face it, there are only so many things a dog can do on their own! They get bored by their-selves and must find a way to amuse themselves. So, one thing you can do, or rather not do, is leave them in the house alone! If it is a nice day maybe you can tie them in the yard while you are gone. If this is not an option then you can crate the dog, giving them some toys and treats to naw on while you are away. Please don’t crate the dog if you will be more than four or five hours. This could create more problems than it solves!

Puppies will be most notorious for chewing up your slippers or toilet paper! Don’t punish them, chewing is natural for puppies and it’s something they need to do for their teeth. Instead provide them with appropriate dog toys and chews. Play with the puppy with his toys and praise him, this let’s him know it’s okay to chew these things and it will even get them attention! All puppies crave attention and stimulation, be it from people toys or a result of their own actions. If puppy is caught with something that isn’t his chew toy, calmly take it away and replace it with a chew toy, then give praise when the pup plays with it. Again, if leaving any puppy alone, be sure to crate him or he will surely get into something! They like to get into trash, toilet paper, socks and underwear, and almost everything else. This behavior is natural but it can be changed.

All you need to have is a tremendous amount of patience and perseverance because pups create a menace if they don’t get their wishes fulfilled and it is totally different from a child tantrum so you can browse around here on websites to look up for a solution.

Why do the little boogers do it? Mostly these chewers have a lack of exercise and therefore just too much energy! Try adding time to his walk or even going for an extra walk. Dogs get attention for chewing your shoes, that’s why they continue to do it. A dog that has anxiety for any reason will become a chewer as well. You should be aware of anything that might create anxiety for your pet. Maybe they are just down right bored. Give them toys that they find interesting and will enjoy playing with. Switch the toys out so they don’t become as easily bored with them. Often they get special attention when chewing things. A dog that needs attention will take negative attention over none at all.

Dogs are given away or abandoned because of chewing habits. People don’t realize there are things you can do to correct this. The number one thing to remember is don’t make a big deal when you see them chewing on things they shouldn’t be. Instead, simply take the object away and immediately replace with a toy. Give praise! They figure this out quicker than you would think. Ignore the bad behavior, praise the good. There are also many anti-chew sprays for this problem. They taste really bad and the dog stops the behavior after learning this. Some dogs will not be deterred that easily. This works best if your dog repeated chews on the same few items and is not interested in others. I highly recommend the Kong ball for dogs or a similar toy.

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