Sedation Relieves Fears Of Dentist – Learn About The Best Treatment!!

Fear of dentists is one of the chief reasons why people put off having necessary dental work. Dr. Jose David Sanchez offers Tehachapi, California residents a range of services geared toward helping them overcome anxieties in a supportive environment.

Dr. Sanchez is also a licensed anesthesiologist as well as a dentist. He specializes in sedation dentistry so that patients facing restorative procedures, endodontic procedures or oral surgery do not have to suffer psychological trauma while keeping their teeth healthy.

How Prevalent Is the Fear of Dentists?

Public health researchers estimate that as many as 75 percent of all Americans suffer anxiety when they sit in a dentist’s chair. Between five and eight percent of these individuals won’t go to the dentist under any circumstances, says Peter Milgrom, the Director of the Dental Fears Research Clinic associated with Seattle’s University of Washington. An additional 20 percent will go reluctantly when their dental disease is so severe it’s negatively impacting other areas of their lives.

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What triggers these fears? Most of the time it’s a specific experience with one practitioner who caused an individual unnecessary pain. Sometimes it’s an aversion to dental equipment like drills, needles and glaring overhead lights. Fear of dentists is often linked to other mood or anxiety disorders. Victims of post traumatic stress disorders, domestic violence or childhood sexual abuse frequently exhibit dental phobias.

What Is Sedation Dentistry?

The term “sedation dentistry” specifically refers to managing patient anxiety during dental procedures through the use of pharmacological relaxing agents. In a broader sense, however, sedation dentistry refers to a dentist’s style of delivering dental care.

Dr. Sanchez and his courteous, compassionate staff work together to maintain a tranquil, nonthreatening environment for patients. Dr. Sanchez takes his time talking with patients so that they feel empowered. He reviews all procedures and sedation options with patients before treatment regimens begin.

There are practical advantages to choosing sedation dentistry as well. Patients are often able to schedule all the procedures they need to done in a single visit. Dentists find it much easier to work on sedated patients, so frequently they are able to fix all of a patient’s current tooth issues concurrently.

How To Find a Good Sedation Dentist

Some people with dental phobias mistakenly believe that if they practice good oral hygiene, they will never have to visit the dentist. This is simply not true.

Of course, it is very important to take good care of one’s teeth. Patients still need to visit their dentists twice a year, however, for a full dental examination and a professional tooth cleaning. Sedation dentists offer options even for these simple procedures that will allay the anxiety of patients suffering from dental phobias.

It’s very important for patients to review prospective dentists’ certifications and credentials thoroughly. Dentists will mention the fact that they perform sedation dentistry in their promotional materials. Word of mouth referrals are often the best way to find a sedation dentist.

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