How To Give Yourself A Pedicure At Home

While pricey spa pedicures are a fun experience, it isn’t very much fun having to shell out the cash needed for a little toe pampering. It can also be a bother having to wait for your next appointment to have an ugly chip filled in with the expensive nail polish that your spa uses. The good news is, having soft, well-manicured feet is entirely possible without monthly pedicures. You have Medical Spas In Nj Cell of the better quality product with moisturizing properties and are really affordable making them perfect. For feet that will have your girlfriends thinking that you live at the Golden Door, read on.

First, soak your feet in warm water filled with essential lavender oil and fresh rose petals. The lavender will calm you after a stressful day on your aching feet, while the rose petals will help soften the skin. This step will also prep your nails for filing and shaping by softening them as well. Soak your feet for at least ten minutes, but don’t overdo it. Staying in too long will dry out the skin. Relax and inhale the essential oil and rose fragrance as you cleanse your feet with a specially formulated foot cleanser (which can be found in a variety of brands and formulas at any drug store). Massage the cleanser into your feet slowly, let it sit for one minute, and rinse.

Secondly, you will need to remove excess dead skin and dirt from your feet with an exfoliating cream. (You might try St. Ives Apricot Scrub) Again, massage the cream into your feet slowly but with quick, circular movements. Scrub out rough spots and calluses until the surface is smoother. Next, buff your feet with a pumice stone, which is a spa essential, to get rid of those stubborn rough spots and to smooth out dry cracks. While a pumice stone is an excellent tool for attaining smooth feet, make sure that you rub lightly and only in one direction. Otherwise, you run the risk of tearing skin!

Next, moisturize the feet with foot cream, such as Dr. Scholl’s For Her Foot Softening Balm. While almost any pedicure cream will moisturize your tired feet effectively, those with extremely dry or cracked feet will need something a bit more powerful. Absolute miracle treatment for disastrous feet is Queen Helene’s Cocoa Butter solid. This buttery soft mixture comes in a white jar and can be purchased almost anywhere for under $4.00. Applied daily, it quickly heals feet that need extra attention. Simply massage into damaged areas (after applying foot cream) and let it set in for approximately two to three minutes. A great way to make sure that extra moisture gets into your feet with any cream or product is to apply liberally, and then slip on a pair of soft clean socks. They will hold moisture in and allow it to penetrate the skin more deeply, allowing for even more repair (keeping the socks on overnight is best).

Finally, the nails must be attended too. Whether you love a vibrant nail color, or if you prefer to go natural, certain elements are a must for healthy toenails. First, clip the nails to just underneath the skin line, leaving just a sliver of the nail to “work” with. Next, file the nails into what many beauty experts call a “squoval,” which is obviously a cross between a square and an oval. Simply fill the top into a straight line, and file the sides down to a rounded edge. This will prevent the development of ingrown toenails, which are often the result of poor nail management. Next, remove any existing nail polish with a powerful remover and cotton balls, and dry the nails completely (making sure that no polish remover residue is left over, which will interfere with the look of any new polish later). Next, apply a clear base coat and allow it to dry. Then, select your color and apply it once, allowing it to dry, and then apply a second coat. The second coat will hide any lumps or mistakes in the polish. Finally, allow the second coat to dry and apply a topcoat. A final suggestion….if you do not wish to wear a nail color for whatever reason, this does not mean that you cannot have well-manicured toenails. Try a French manicure, which only requires that you apply a base coat and then a bit of solid white paint to just the natural nail tips. This will give you a natural but clean look. Either way, you’ll be ready to bare those toes in no time.

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