Music- 4 Different Places To Submit Them Online

Music is something that helps a person in coming out of stress. As per today’s, scenario music acts as the best medicine to relieve a person who is feeling with many mental problems. There are a variety of music options that are available like sad, romantic, slow, and fast. Out of these options, you can select the one that you think is as per your taste.

Even these days, people have the skills of framing new music. Once they frame a piece of music, the question arise in their mind to submit my song? The answer to this question is straightforward there are various places where you can submit your music; now, we will discuss in detail some of such places:


There is no doubt with advancement in technology, there has been the invention of new platforms that provide you the platform for submitting the music. Music blogs also stand on the top as it helps discover new artists and gain credibility the industry.

Some of the blogs have a fixed number of visitors regularly, and in case if one plans to submit my song on such a platform, then there are more chances that the song will gain popularity.

Playlist curators

In case if you will track the curators, then, in that case, the chances of your song being listened to will increase as this will act as a personal approach, and the chances will increase to a great extent. There is no doubt in the fact that tracking the curator is a bit difficult task, but if done with complete determination, then one can achieve this and also will be a good source of making money.

Tracking the curator can be done in a few steps:


  • First of all, you have to identify the playlist that is in hot topic these days, and also they include the artists that are as per your own taste.
  • Once you are done with this, then you have to visit the artist page, and there you will notice a tab about it; just click on it.
  • Then there will be an option discovered on where you will see a playlist that is providing the artists more number of listeners.
  • After this complete evaluation, make the analysis of the songs that are independently owned. Then try contacting the one who mostly posts the tracts, and in case on that page, no information available, then visit Google.

A &R

Now the question arises about the labels. Most of the labels have the artists and repertoire working for them. These are the one who directly goes through the demo submission and makes the dealing with the artists directly. These days, technology has advanced a lot, so it has become relatively easy to discover such kinds of people with the help of the fingertips that are available on the web.

Submit Hub

As we have discussed earlier, there are more options available to submit my song these days, and one of them is the submit Hub. This is a service that was started by Jason Grishoff. The main aim of this platform is to make a connection between the artists and the music bloggers, playlisters, and record labels. 

There are thousands of users who are using this platform from all over the world. This is a very user-friendly platform, and the process of submitting is so simple that people love using this for sending the music.

Sum up:

If you are starting your carrier in the field of the music industry, then you have to keep some patience as in starting it takes a certain period in order to under to understand things in a better way. These are some of the different places where a person can submit his songs.

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