How To Find Home Remedies For Toothache

Toothache can be attributed to many factors. The most common of it is the tooth decay which is manifested with holes in our teeth and the erosion of the protective shield called enamel. The food that we eat usually leaves morsels in our mouth and with the aid of some bacteria, it turns into harmful acids. It wears down our enamel and causes the living tooth tissues expose to toxic bacteria.

An early formation of good dental habit such brushing your teeth regularly and regular dental check-up with your dentists will help you prolong your healthy teeth while evading toothache. However for those who are already facing toothache once in a while, there are some home remedies to cure your toothache.

The most common and recommended toothache home remedy is the garlic. It is deemed that garlic has a natural pain killer and antibacterial components that help abate the pain of toothache. On the particular tooth that caused pain, put a clove of garlic with a pinch of rock salt to alleviate the pain. There are some occasions that it even heals the pain

Alternatively, you may mix two to three drops of pure clove oil with one-fourth teaspoon of olive oil. Soak a piece of cotton ball to the oil mixture and placed the soaked cotton beside the affected tooth. If the root of the pain is one of the molar teeth, put the cotton ball on top of it and slightly bite it to hold the cotton ball in between your teeth. You must leave it in your teeth as long as you can bear and take it. The effect is fast so you can expect the pain to alleviate soon.

If you want to have back the tiptop condition of your teeth, it can be remedied by chewing a clove of garlic on daily basis in the morning.

Another helpful spice for tooth remedy is onion. Place the onion in the affected tooth or gum to ease the pain. Also, consuming one raw onion every day will protect your teeth from any dental problems. However the onion must be chewed properly to release the bactericidal properties of the onion. It can also kill the germs in your mouth as short as three minutes of chewing.

The extracted juice or the chewing of wheat grass can ease the pain of toothache. It is also considered a great mouthwash substitute as it drags out the bacteria hidden in the gums line and in the rim between the teeth. There are many Best Dentists in United States from where you can get right advice and treatment as well at right prices. Searching over internet will give you the basic idea about the fee of the doctors and what distinct treatments cost around. 

Another kitchen item you can use is pepper. Create a mixture of dentrifrice by adding a small amount of pepper to a quarter teaspoon of salt. Also, a pinch of pepper with a clove oil alleviates the toothache.

A paste from the bark of bay berry mixed with vinegar is also known to be a good pain reliever for any toothache.

There are indeed many options or alternative homemade solutions from your kitchen items that can cure toothache. However if the pain persists for days, then in such case the patient should be taken to the dentist for further evaluation.

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