Get in Shape with Lifetime Fitness through the Swimming classes

Lifetime Fitness is an upscale gym with six locations in Michigan alone. Most locations feature brand new, state-of-the-art exercise equipment. The facility itself is HUGE and has rows upon rows of cardio machines, resistance training and free weights. And if that wasn’t enough, they have two in-ground Olympic-sized pools (one indoor and one outdoor), saunas, oversized hot tubs, waterslides. For a little extra, you can hit the tanning salon or get a massage at their LifeSpa. Overall, Lifetme Fitness is a large, very clean facility that is chock full of great equipment and activities and sports.

Most gyms now feature day care and Lifetime Fitness is no exception. For an extra $5 a month on your plan, you can drop your child off at their daycare while you get in shape. There’s no need to think your child won’t be cared for, either. The daycare is fully staffed by friendly, intelligent daycare workers and there are different sections for different age groups. For the babies, there is a wide open play space with plenty of safe toys. For the older children, there are computers with internet access, coloring areas and a “place play” similar to those you see in McDonald’s, only larger. Only one person can check a child in, using their member ID card with picture on it. No one but that person may check out that child. The daycare workers will not change diapers (and I feel more comfortable with that, actually) and will give you a beeper to carry with you. If they need you for any reason, they will simply page you or beep you to come to the daycare center. I feel very comfortable leaving my child in their care for two hours and have seen firsthand that they keep a close eye on the children. On one occasion, a door was accidentally swung open by a child and into my daughter’s head. Although she didn’t cry and was unhurt, they filled out an accident report. They are very serious about safety and are very professional and I really like that my daughter is able to socialize with other children her age.

Lifetime Fitness has a few perks that other gyms do not, such as an indoor rock climbing wall. It is only at certain times, but it is no extra charge to climb and really gives you a workout. Getting in shape has never been more fun. They have squash, racquetball, and basketball courts and athletic leagues. You can also join T.E.A.M. Weight Loss classes ($500 for 12 weeks) which is a group of people who have the same goals (losing weight and getting in shape). The classes help you to stay focused and motivated, as well as holding yourself accountable. The classes meet three times a week for an hour. Two coaches – a certified personal trainer and a nutrition coach-registered dietician – lead the class. The workouts involve walking on treadmills while incorporating light upper-body movements. The movement of the body parts will result in swimming exercise for adults. They will remain in shape and have a healthy body. 

Every gym has a cardio room, but Lifetime Fitness’ cardio machines are high-tech, state-of-the art, superior machines. If you are trying to push yourself too hard on a treadmill, it will slow down the place for you. It measures your heart rate from your palms and automatically can choose the right place for you so that you don’t overdo it. Lifetime Fitness is very concerned about safety in all aspects. However, they are also interested in giving a wide variety of machines so that you don’t get bored. They have treadmills, bikes, ellepticals and a bunch of others that I couldn’t even name. You will never have to wait to get on a machine because they have PLENTY. The walls in the cardio room are covered with huge, flat plasma screen televisions. Just plug your headset into the machine you are exercising and pick which tv you want to hear sound on.

Finally, you are done with your workout. You simply change in their very large locker room (free lockers and towels, plus showers and sauna) and head out. Perhaps you want to stop and get a healthy snack at their LifeCafe. They serve all sorts of healthy meals and treats, such as salads and smoothies. I’m sure I haven’t mentioned every aspect of Lifetime Fitness, as I’ve only been joined up for a month. If you are looking for a gym to get in shape with that has virtually EVERYTHING you can think of, try out Lifetime Fitness. They let you try it out for a day to see what you think and if you’d like to join and you can also visit on a guest pass of a member. For the membership I joined up for, it was $200 down and then $60 a month at the Troy location. It’s a bit more pricey than other gyms, but it has so many activities and fun ways to exercise.

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