Which is the best filter pitcher? Zero water or Brita?

If you add up the cost of buying bottled water in a year you will find that the expense is too high. However, water is a basic need and you cannot compromise on water quality as it is directly related to your health. An alternative to bottled water is filtered water. Here is a detailed comparison of the two leaders in the market making water filter pitchers. 

Buying premium quality filter pitcher 

To make sure that you are buying a premium quality filter pitcher you need to make a comparison of the similar products of the two leading brands namely zero water and Brita. Here is a comparison of the best filter pitcher of the two leading brands. 

  • 10 cup pitcher from zero water:

The 10 cup pitcher from zero water is one of the premium quality pitchers that are easy to handle. This light-weighted pitcher has patented Ion Exchange System and Five-Stage Technology offering you clean and healthy water. 

  • 10 cup pitcher from Brita:

This pitcher comes with a single easy to handle filter that is capable of removing solids like copper, mercury and cadmium and also can reduce chlorine and odour of water. With more than 4000 positive reviews for the product, this product stands the best in the market. 

Choosing the best quality dispenser

If you are looking for a premium quality dispenser to store water in your refrigerator then Brita and Zero Water have got a lot to offer. 

  • UltraMax water dispenser from Brita:

This is one product that will easily fit your refrigerator. The spigot attached to the dispenser makes it easy to dispense water and it also comes with a flip-top lid that makes it easy to change the filter when needed. 

  • Zero Water Dispenser with TDS meter:

If you are looking for a filter pitcher that is certified by NSF then zero water is the brand that will fit your needs. The 5 staged filtration technology helps in removing 99.6% dissolved solids. This dispenser comes with a TDS meter that will let you know the water quality before you consume it. The sleek sized water filter fits well in the kitchen or refrigerator. With more than 2,500 verified reviews this is one of the best products in the market. 

Buy best cartridges that last long 

Getting an insight into the cartridges will be a good idea before you buy a pitcher or a dispenser. So here is a review of some of the best cartridges in the market. 

  • Replacement filter from Zero water:

This is easy to replace filter which fits all the pitchers and dispensers by the company. This filter comes in 3, 4, 6, 8, 12 or 20 packs. The higher number of packs are a huge money saver. 

  • Replacement filter from Brita:

Tap water mostly contains substances like zinc, copper, mercury and cadmium. If you want to get rid of such metal and get healthy drinking water then Brita has to offer you a premium quality filter that gets you odourless and clean water. 

To sum up 

When it comes to healthy water you would never like to compromise. Zero Water and Brita are the best brands in the market and the above comparison aims to help you make informed decisions while buying pitchers, dispensers or filters. 

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