Four Vitamins that Are Essential to Healthy Weight Loss

When dieting, a person looks to cut out certain foods from their diet. When cutting out items, a dieter has to be cautious not to cut out items that may offer the body vital nutrients. Crash diets or yo-yo diets are dangerous because they can cause a person to become deficient in certain vitamins. Deficiencies can cause the body not to perform at optimum levels or even cause death. A diet that offers balanced portions of high quality protein, carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables is best. Even when eating extremely healthy, dietary supplements can be helpful in ensuring that a dieter is getting all of the proper nutrients in their diet. Certain vitamins are believed to actually help a dieter to lose more weight because the supplements help the body to process food more efficiently and give a person more energy to help them burn more calories. The following supplements can aid a dieter in the pursuit of weight loss or just leading a healthier life.

Co-enzyme Q10-

The human body produces this enzyme on its own and every cell contains it. As a person ages, the body slows the production of the enzyme. The Q 10 enzyme is believed to give a person more energy and stimulates metabolism. This can help dieters lose weight quicker than just dieting alone. The supplement also helps with cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure and gum disease. The consumption of resurge should be done after visiting at the resurge reviews. The amount of diseases will be less in comparison to the other products. Different diseases can be reduced with the consumption of the pills. The spending of the money should be less and under the budget prepared. 

B Vitamins-

These vitamins are commonly called the “stress vitamins”. The body under goes stress while dieting and becoming more active. This vitamin group can help to calm the nervous system. Vitamins B2, B3, amp; B6 ensure proper thyroid function. The thyroid controls metabolism so keeping it working correctly is of vital importance to weight loss.


This is another vitamin that aids the thyroid in producing healthy levels of hormones. Zinc is also believed to help control a person’s appetite and aid in the metabolizing of carbohydrates. People that suffer from chronic fatigue are usually deficient in this mineral.

Chromium Picolinate-

This supplement works with insulin to make it work harder break down sugars in the body. If a person’s insulin levels are not high enough, the body will not break down food and will store it as fat.


The supplements discussed above can all be found naturally in regular foods. With a little planning a dieter could be sure that they get all of these nutrients in their diet. A good multi-vitamin taken daily would be a great way to ensure that you are getting the recommended daily allowance of each. A dieter should consult with their doctor before taking any of these vitamins. Some vitamins and supplements can interfere with other medications that a person may be taking.

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