Different Types Of Construction Projects

Many establishments have sprouted nowadays like mushrooms. Construction here, construction there. It’s part of the development to see structures around. Well, we can’t prevent development, isn’t it? Because development is part of every individual. From the birth of a person up to adulthood; the body always develops itself. Well that’s only a nature to human being, animals and plants.

As for a society you can see its development materially by seeing different types of structures being constructed―from road, houses, office building, condominium/hotels, majestic figures etc. etc. etc. The road has been busy for many construction companies who made those structures. But there are different types of structures base on construction projects. What are those types then? But before we move on to those types of construction projects let’s define first what is a construction project.

Construction Project Definition

Construction Projects comes from two words “construction” and “project.” Construction is a process of building or creating something. While Project is a planned piece of work that have an intended purpose and needs a lot of time to achieve or to complete. To combine with, Construction Project is a process of building something intended for a specific purpose in that requires a lot of time to complete. It could be a road, building or the like.

The 3 main categories of Construction Project

  1. Private Construction Project– are any construction projects owned by private individuals other than the government. There are different kinds of private construction projects. Below are the following;
  • Residential Construction Project – are construction projects that are owned by private individuals like single-family residence that consist of less than 3 or 4 units. Otherwise if it exceeds to 3 units it could be considered as commercial―e.g. condominiums and apartments.
  • Industrial/Commercial Construction Project – are construction projects built for industrial or business use. It has a wide variety; example of such are grocery store, department store, restaurants and all other type or kind of stores, manufacturing plants, skyscrapers, privately owned hospitals, private schools and/or universities and other private establishments for business or profit purposes.

  1. State Construction Project – this refers to projects built by construction companies but such projects are owned or funded by the state. Examples are public roads, state school and/or universities, state buildings like public hospitals. We can also consider those buildings funded by the states and other recreational facilities.
  2. Federal Construction Project – considered as the national government construction projects in other countries. This refers to construction projects funded by the federal or the national government of a country. Like national roads or highways, office of the presidents, courthouse and other national government buildings, recreational facilities funded by the federal funds―e.g. parks and other projects situated in the state which is made through the funds of the federal government.

The type of construction projects depends on who owns the project that is being constructed. Sometimes construction of project could be funded by the federal government but is given to the state. In that case the project is a state construction project funded by the federal government. For more details and information visit BitRebels.com or look for other information about state and federal projects. I suggest that you do research! Research! Research!

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