How Does A Sign Maker Make Vinyl Window Stickers?

Have you seen cars that have stickers on windows showing some message or image? Did you notice the stickers that are put up on the windows of the restaurants and cafes? Did you ever wonder about how they are made? Read on to know more.

Before knowing about stickers, it is necessary to know about the material they are made from. What exactly is vinyl? It is the most versatile form of plastic material, made from the combination of ethylene and chlorine. This vinyl material is flexible, rigid, colorful, and thick or thin. It is easy to make, very strong, durable, and cheap. Due to its extensive properties and resistance to moisture and humidity, it is used for the production of window stickers.

There are different types of vinyl which are used for producing different products such as vinyl stickers, vinyl graphics, vinyl banners, and vinyl vehicle and floor stickers. There are 3 types of vinyl which are present – 

  • Monomeric calendered vinyl – used for making stickers for windows and graphics as they last for 1 to 3 years.
  • Polymeric calendered vinyl – used for vehicle graphics and quality stickers which last for 5 to 6 years.
  • Cast vinyl – used for vehicle wraps. 

What is a Kleebised aknale (window sticker)? 

They are vinyl stickers that are printed reverse and stuck on the inner side of the window. This is used for mirroring the image or text on the sticker. After selecting the type of vinyl-based on the need, it can be printed as one of the materials – self-adhesive permanent vinyl, self-adhesive removable vinyl, and static vinyl.

Types of Vinyl Stickers

  • Permanent vinyl stickers are long-lasting stickers and are to be used when you do not want to remove the sticker. 
  • Removable vinyl stickers usually use a low grade of adhesive so that it can be removed easily when you want to change the sticker after a year or so. These are used mostly for restaurants and retail stores as they want to often change their designs.
  • Static vinyl is the ones that do not have adhesive and they just hold on to the window. They last hardly for 6 months and are more expensive than the adhesive ones.

What should a sign maker follow while making stickers? 

He/she should follow the designing basics rules of contract, spacing, negative space, white space, color management, and font management. These designing guidelines along with the basic understanding of what exact message as to be depicted will help in making a good Kleebised aknale (window sticker). The sign maker can opt for thermal transfer printing or silk-screen printing method. In case both are not feasible, then using the laminator method is a good way.

Thus, making a vinyl sticker for windows takes lots of effort and planning on design as well as the printing part.

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