A Look at 4-Hour Body Weight Loss Plan by Timothy Ferriss

How would you like to be able to lose 20 pounds in 30 days? Well, that is what Timothy Ferriss is claiming you can do when you follow his new book The 4-Hour Body.

You may recognize the name Timothy Ferriss from the very popular book The 4-Hour Work Week which gave advice to people on how they can outsource things in their life so that they can work less and enjoy life more. Ferriss recently released a new book, this time with quick weight loss and getting a healthier body in mind called The 4-Hour Body.

Let’s take a closer look at the 4 hour body weight loss plan as outlined in the new book.

The weight loss plan included in the book is just part of the book that Ferriss concentrates on, but it is the one part of the book that is getting the most attention. The author of the book is not a doctor or personal trainer or anything of that sort, but he did work with hundreds of different doctors, elite athletes, and other people involved in the weight loss and health industries for the past decade. From his experience as well as his studies with these people, he came up with the 4 hour body weight loss plan.

The diet that Ferriss outlines in the book The 4-Hour Body is nothing earth shattering and in fact has been discussed and outlined in other diet and weight loss plans. It involves avoiding “white carbohydrates” such as white breads and pastas as well as sugar. The diet is focused on adding in protein as well as vegetables into your meals. The diet doesn’t limit the amount of these foods that you can eat so you won’t go hungry on the diet.

Another part of the weight loss plan focuses on not drinking your calories. This means if you are addicted to soda you are going to have to change your ways on this weight loss plan. You are allowed a cup of coffee for breakfast but the rest of your day should be water only.

Another important part of the 4 hour body plan is that fruit is not allowed on the diet. This is probably one of the most controversial parts of the diet that medical professionals have problems with.

In addition, when you consult with your doctor or nutritionist, make sure to ask if they can recommend effective weight loss supplement. This will help you lose weight effectively and at the same time, keeps you healthy. For more information, you can visit resurge reviews.

One of the reasons why the 4 hour body plan is becoming so popular with people is that it does allow for a “cheat day” or a day off each week from the diet. More and more diets are including this in the diet plan and call it calorie cycling. On the day off you can literally eat whatever you want all day long. This is said to help your metabolism recharge and keeps your body guessing, so that it continues to burn off the fat. This also helps with cravings that people may have as they are less likely to cheat during the week if they know that can have their favorite food later in the week.

The 4-Hour Body also includes a chapter on gaining muscle, getting stronger, and running faster. These exercises described by Ferriss in the book can be incorporated along with the weight loss plan to help a person lose weight and get healthier even faster. The workouts are only a few minutes long but according to the author are so effective that you don’t need to make them any longer.

The 4-Hour Body covers more than just weight loss but discusses several “small changes” you can make to make you healthier in the shortest period of time. The weight loss plan is becoming more and more popular and many people are taking on the challenge of getting the 4 hour body.

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