Top 5 Addicting Games Online

Nicotine, shopping, and chocolate can all be addictive, but what about Internet games? Yes, online games can be difficult to conquer and even more difficult to stop playing. With the fast paced skills, decision making qualities, and hand eye coordination necessary for many of these Internet games, strategic game play can become an obsession.

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A brief list of five addicting Internet games can help you prepare for days of endless entertainment.

#1 World’s Hardest Game

The name of this online game doesn’t sound too dramatic, but the principles behind it are challenging and addictive. This Internet game requires a player to weave a red box in and out of projectiles while collecting yellow dots and attempting to make it to a green zone. If you love strategy and have some engineering skills, you will find this game to be challenging and quite addictive. The high-paced scenario, quick reaction time, and problem solving characteristics of the game make it a fun and challenging one.

#2 “Escape” Games

Escape games can be some of the most rewarding, constructive, and addictive games available on the Internet. The purpose of an escape game is to figure a way out of the given scenario that you, as a player, have been forced to resolve. Some examples of escape games include problem solving your way out of a locked car, a solidified room, or an enclosed telephone booth. These games require you to think outside the box and pay extreme attention to all of the small details. In addition, you have to put the pieces together like a complicated puzzle. Escape games are certainly some of the most addicting ones!

#3 Red Remover

If you enjoy the complexity of math, this one is for you. Red remover requires you to isolate and remove red boxes from their green and blue counterparts. By using gravity, geometry, physics, and a pendulum effect you can balance and remove the red blocks in an orderly fashion. This game requires an understanding of spatial variation and mathematical principles that are simple yet challenging. The quick paced movements and fast thinking requirements makes this a game that you won’t want to stop playing until you’ve conquered all the levels.

#4 Habbo, Simms, Second Life

Habbo, Simms, and Second Life are role playing games that have been around for a few years, but their popularity is still apparent by the number of consistent players that engage in the games. These addictive role playing games allow you to create an alternate life by choosing a character and his or her new surroundings and circumstances. As you invite others to chat or join your room, you create a social network that is relational and interactive. Your online avatar is able to instant message other players and interact as if he or she is in a real life situation. The genuine interaction in this game makes it even more addicting than a simple task oriented online game.

#5 Dragon Slayer

If you enjoy online shooting games, then this one is probably one of the most popular and most addictive ones available on the Internet. As a player, you have the responsibility of killing dragons before they are able to infiltrate your castle. As you are successful in killing dragons, you receive money to upgrade your kingdom. Your character, castle, and weaponry can continually receive chosen advancements and improvements. The strategy behind this game and the necessary shooting skills make this game an addiction that is hard to break.

in summary, addicting Internet games have become a major source of online entertainment. The fast paced scenarios and the strategic skills involved keep a player challenged and inspired. Playing online addicting games may not be as hard a habit to break as smoking cigarettes or drinking coffee, but they can certainly keep you coming back for more.

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