Tips on Preventing and Treating Back Pain

If you’re experiencing back pain, there’s a good chance you don’t have a smile on your face. And for good reason–back pain is one of the most debilitating kinds of pains a person can have. Fear no more, though–you can be saved. If you haven’t experienced back pain yet, you can avoid becoming part of the 80% majority of Americans who will experience back pain in their lives.

Back pain is often a result of a sedentary lifestyle. That’s a nice way of saying: you don’t do much. You might have weakened muscles that strain to hold your body up, since, in fact, your lower back holds up the weight of your entire upper body.

When you lift things that are heavy, be sure to lift them properly. A good example of proper heavy lifting is to study the form of powerlifters that deadlift. The deadlift is a lift that shows how one should lift heavy objects–with the legs first. Don’t twist, your body as you lift. That’s just asking for a muscle spasm.

Sitting properly is very important to maintaining a healthy back. Don’t slouch forward, but if you have to, it’s okay to lean back a bit. New research is showing that a 130 degree angle sit may be the must efficient way to sit for us. If your wallet gets in the way of your butt when you sit down, take it out. That wallet may be enough to misalign your back, and this can cause problems down the road. When sitting for long periods of time, it’s important to get up every now and then. Not only does this prevent you from going crazy, but it will also prevent blood clots from forming in your legs (though this only really occurs on extremely long, cramped flights.), and can help keep your back in good shape.

Stand properly. I’m sure your mother’s told you this one once or twice before–it is, however, extremely important. Anyone with military experience is probably a model of good posture. And there’s a good reason that the military places such importance on posture; bad posture can fatigue muscle groups that could best be used otherwise for training. Bad posture can even result in bad blood flow, and an injured lower back, due to muscular stress.

Try to get some exercise for your lower back. Deadlifts, supermans, dragonflags, planks, and a good many positions in yoga are excellent for helping prevent or treat lower back pain. Also, as much as I hate to admit it, even pilates may have a place in treating lower back pain. But saying that you do yoga is just so much more intriguing.

Though, before you try to work out your lower back while you have back pain, see your doctor. It’s possible you have a slipped disk or some kind of degenerative disease.

Bear these things in mind, and you can expect to have a long, healthy relationship with your lower back and your entire body in general.
This technique is one I once read in a magazine where an academic spine surgeon at the new jersey Apollo center gave the above tips for preventing back pain.

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