Search Engine Optimization: Why Content is King

The most overused phrase in the world of search engine optimization is “content is king”. With the string being thrown around so much, one concludes that its meaning must be important. I am here to tell you why content truly is king, so you do not have to go on blindly believing it anymore.

With much of SEOers focus being on link building today, it seems the old slogan regarding content is being pushed out of our minds. Do not let anybody fool you, content is much more important than links. If you spend all your time creating content, helpful, important content, you will be more successful and profitable than somebody who only focuses on building links. This might sound a little weird, considering that so much of a search engine’s algorithm, including Google, is focused on inbound links. Well, a site that has a lot of content has a potentially large amount of things to be linked to. That is right, I am referring to link baiting. By creating a massive amount of content, you give something for the bloggers and writers out there to link to. It helps if the content deals with something popular, or has a viral nature, but even if it does not, it will eventually get linked to. Think of trying to hit a target in the middle of a lake with a quarter, and each hit earns you a link. It may take a lot of tosses to make a hit, but sooner or later you will score. In order to make all this easier for you, Dynamics Digital SEO Agency is there. They offer you all the services that are relevant to SEO so that you can improve your content. 

Having lots of content gives the SEs lots of stuff to index. By having a multitude of content-rich pages in Google’s database, you have more opportunities to be on the business end of a consumer search. Often, people search for erratic and “unforgettable” terms, such as “kittens playing with dogs.” No search engine optimizer in their right mind would try to target a search like that, but perhaps somewhere in an article you wrote you said, “In this picture, you can see many kittens playing with dogs.” Now you just got a hit. By having tons of content, you set yourself up for traffic from searches like this.

Something you will hear people say similar to “content is king” is “Google loves content.” This has a similar meaning but can be interpreted slightly differently. Basically, the phrase means that if you consistently add fresh content, Google will mark your site as important, and your website will naturally rise up the ranks for various targeted keyphrases of yours. I hope I have convinced you that the true king dwells on the Internet, and not in Burger King (think about it).

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