Great Tips for Cat Owners

Cats are very difficult animals to train. They have very keen instincts of their own. When it comes to potty training, they usually figure it out on their own. Biting and scratching is another issue while teaching your cat.

Poty Duty Tips

Lining the liter box with a bag can help make cleaning up much easier. A variety of stores offer already sized liter box liners. I recommend, from my personal experience, using a rubber band to keep the bag in place. These liter box liners will only cost you a few dollars.

Keeping the smell down means maintaining your cats liter box on a daily basis. This can also save you litter and money. Purchase a scoop with holes to empty out the liter while cleaning. Also, if you have more than one cat it’s important to sanitize your litter box. Cats are very precise about smells and where they want to go to the bathroom. Different pet odor eliminators are available for purchase. Whether it’s air freshener or carpet cleaner it will help to keep odor down and your home smelling fresh. Purchase a good odor eliminating cat litter as well to lock in your cats odor.

Feeding Tips

I know from experience that some cats tend to eat all day long. Your cats really need less food than you think. Overfeeding cats can cause your cat to be overweight as well as develop health problems from it. One whole can of soft food is recommended for kittens through out the day. Adult cats can survive off of only half a can a day. One bowl of dry cat food should be more than enough to last your cat all day. Make sure your cats have fresh water daily. Certain foods, treats, and playing can cause your kitty to be very thirsty. For those of you who have a cat who eats messy, I recommend using a mat to put their food and water bowls on.

It is the perfect way to keep the floor clean even though the mat would need regular cleaning from your side because cats are not exactly known for their table manners unlike dogs but still this page of an article would help you to learn more about becoming the best cat owner in town.

Biting Tips

Cats go through many teething stages in their first few years of life. I recommend buying toys that have a rough texture for your cats chewing pleasure. If your cat develops a habit of biting your fingers, putting hot sauce or something spicy on your finger can be a great training tool. This will make them think twice the next time they go to nibble on you. Another method is to give your cat a big firm “NO,” but all cats won’t respond to this the same. Never hit or hurt your cat in any way. This will only cause them to become defensive and have more wild instincts.

Scratching and Claw Tips

Cats have a tendency to scratch random things when they are bored. I recommend getting a nice scratching post. These are available in a majority of stores including your local Wal-Mart or Target. This could save you a lot of frustration later when they try scratching your personal belongings. If you do not want to get your cat de-clawed, trimming them will help a ton. Pet friendly products are available for you to purchase for this very problem.

Toys/Playing Tips

Cats like to entertain themselves. Toys that tend to make noise in some way are notices more by your cat. Buy your cat some soft toys to snuggle with. I know my cats go crazy over cat balls. They both kick them around like they are playing soccer. I also recommend string toys. This allows you to play with your cat while keeping a safe distance from their pouncing. Cats also go crazy over laser pointers or any toy that moves by itself.

When playing with your cats, never get too aggressive. This will make your cats think it is okay to pounce on you at any time of the day or night.

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