All you wanted to know about available firewood in Καυσόξυλα

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There are different kinds of firewood suppliers in Athens but among all of them σκουλαρικια is really known to be a pioneer in this field. It has been many years that they have been providing high quality dried firewood for home use as well as commercial use. Before you decide to go for this wood supplier, it would be better if you try to know about their firewood, overall service and other aspects. 

Importance of firewood

During winter, it is of utmost importance for you to get the best quality firewood from them as these woods is burned in the stove or fireplace to produce warm and cosiness. This is how the comfort is maintained at your home for your family. 

All the firewood available at Καυσόξυλα is of high standard and quality. Once you decide to get these woods, then you will be able to burn them as per your need and preference during winter. As compared to other available firewood in the market, this wood is known to have excellent energy and thermal efficiency. It goes without saying that this wood happens to have an amazing balance between its price and quality. 

Types of available woods

  • Olive- the ultimate firewood for burning

Olive tree is used to make excellent firewood as it is likely to offer flames of exceptional standard that burns for long duration. This is the very reason for which so many people prefer to look for olive wood and use them for burning during winter. When you are to burn this amazing quality olive wood, it is to leave surrounding environment some kind of woody aroma with a sweet taste of oil. In this regard, both the root and trunk of an olive tree can be used as firewood for burning. 

Some of the important tips that you can follow for burning this olive wood in the best way possible are described below.

  • You should place few thin twigs along with some soft woods for slowly starting its flame. 
  • Now you are required to mix this wood along with 2-3 logs of the pine or other types of hard wood.
  • In case you see some of wood gets soaked, you will have to place this on walls of fireplace to dry.

The quality of olive wood that you are supposed to get from this leading firewood supplier is absolute best. But as compared to the quality, the prices are pretty low and affordable. June, July and August are considered to be the ideal time to buy this dry firewood. During this time, the wood remains dry as there is no moisture. After buying it, you are required to store it in dry place. 

  • Oak: The ultimate firewood

Oak is another excellent wood option available at their site. The quality of this wood is known to be higher or at least equal to that of Olive wood. This wood is regarded as quite dense which is why it burns slow. After being burnt, this wood is to leave good quality charcoal that is likely to be later used. This is certainly one of the best firewood options available out there.

The oak wood is considered to be quite hard and heavy that do not rot that easily. Hence, it is easy and efficient to store. If you want to burn this wood properly, then you need to burn it with combination of other soft and dry wood like pine wood or fire or twigs. 

Once you decide to go for Καυσόξυλα, then you will get to find other kinds of firewood such as Holly, Beech, Pine etc. You have the option to choose any of these woods and use it for burning during winter. 

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