All About Lactation Cookies: A Delicious And Healthy Snack For New Mothers Or Mothers-To-Be

What are lactation cookies?

If you are a woman with breastfeeding problems, then you are not alone. According to pediatric research, up to 92% of young mothers have this problem. Insufficient breast milk is one of the biggest concerns for new mothers and pain and breastfeeding issues. But many women assert that a particular kind of biscuit can do wonders. As a result, lactation cookies have remained for many years. Most social media recipes contain four ingredients, all of which touts the stimulant properties of milk: oatmeal, fenugreek, flaxseed flour, and brewer’s yeast.

How do these cookies work?

The best ingredients for making these cookies are – 

  • Oats 

They hold high levels of saponins, which are immune-boosting compounds that can help boost prolactin levels, which is an essential hormone in milk production. They are also rich in minerals, vitamins and protein.

  • Fenugreek

The seeds of this shoot are loaded with phytoestrogens. This compound can maintain your body’s balance of estrogen levels, which in turn serves to control prolactin levels to achieve optimal milk production. Fenugreek can also improve perspiration, which triggers your body’s downward reflex to produce milk.

  • Flaxseed meal

It comprises omega-3 plus omega-6 fatty acids. These healthy fats are good for the mother and increase the nutritional value of breast milk. Although omega-3 and omega-6 oily acids are essential for everyone, their concentration in breast milk is necessary for developing the kid’s immune system and should also prevent allergies.

  • Brewer’s yeast

Although there is no conclusive data that this yeast can increase milk production, it is rich in vitamin B and the trace elements chromium and selenium. B vitamins are especially significant for breastfeeding mothers because they are involved in many processes in the body.

Pure Nursing Cookies contain nutrients that are very suitable for breastfeeding mothers.

Advantages of lactation cookies

  • The ingredients in these biscuits are productive in protein, complex carbs, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, phytohormones, and various other potent nutrients that the body needs for effective metabolic processes. 
  • Oats are rich in fibre or feed (especially β-glucan). It can alleviate irritable bowel actions and constipation after childbirth. It can also help reduce weight during pregnancy. 
  •  According to some studies, the mixture of nutrients found in flaxseed and brewer’s yeast can help fight postpartum distress, also known as postpartum depression or baby blues. Either way, the small quantity of sugar in still cookies can lift your mood.
  • Lactation biscuits during breastfeeding are by no means harmful because their ingredients are perfectly natural. Minor complications may include bloating from oatmeal or weight gain from eating too many biscuits. 

Lactation biscuits are delicious and healthy because you can prepare them in the comfort of your home, and you can control the flavour, texture, and taste according to your preferences. They are a great snack when you are hungry. It is very beneficial to avoid processed foods and choose homemade biscuits. Therefore, it is insisted to go for Singapore Lactation Bakes for the delicious lactation cookies. 

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