The Latest Technology Revolution: The Unlimited IPv6 Internet

The Next Generation Internet will be a $10 trillion worldwide industry by the year 2020. Known as IPv6, this faster and larger Internet is in the early stages of development. The push to create a speedier and more multi-dimensional Internet could produce the largest technology boom in the history of the world.

The Internet ,as it is today, has a limited capacity. The Next Generation Internet will be a universe apart from present technologies. At current expansion rates, the Internet will be filled up within two years. Virtually all of the 4 billion unique IP (Internet Protocol) addresses will be used up. Every appliance hooked into the “Net” requires its own IP address. From computers to cell phones, the array of gadgets that can be plugged in the Internet is compounding yearly.

This means that thousands of companies will need to purchase new equipment to take advantage of the speedier IPv6 system. The IPv6 Next Generation Internet will be 100 times faster than technologies of just a few years ago. IP capacities will explode because the new system will employ 32-digit addresses compared to 8-digit addresses now in use. This will increase the number of available IP addresses by a factor of 70 octillion times (27 zeros) over current capabilities.

Along with individual companies needing to upgrade, the U.S. government has mandated that all of its more than 1,100 agencies and contractors also be integrated into the new system by 2008. That means the government could end up spending well over $200 billion on upgrades and overhauls in the next several years. Already, hundreds of companies and institutions are booking large blocks of IP addresses in the new system as they become available. The infrastructure improvements have been under way as the older generation of equipment is being converted in to the New Generation Internet.

The IPv6 initiative is fast becoming a world wide technological boom. It is no wonder with the expected addition of new Internet users numbering over two billion by the end of this decade. The advent of this newer system will pave the way for hundreds of billions of devices to be seamlessly connected in the network. As the IPv6 Internet becomes reality, the demand for routers, servers, switches, software and other network devices will skyrocket.

The coming Next Generation Internet will dwarf the present system. Hundreds of new technologies will be invented to take full advantage of IPv6. The last tech-led wave of innovation lasted from 1992 to 2000. This tidal wave of innovation will be several times larger and last much longer. Along with the United States, China, Japan and Europe are transitioning into the Next Generation Internet at an increasing pace. Using these technologies, you can now easily access website and check for some of the best coupon deals. This website offers wide variety of stores and shops where you can buy coupons from. You can always find great deals from this site.

The quality of voice over IP, streaming video and many other applications will improve dramatically. Wireless technologies will flourish as the entire system gains capacity and interconnection ability. Computers and electronic devices of all kinds will be able to be in constant communication. The new IPv6 will feature unlimited space and integrated security systems. The Next Generation Internet will connect the world, its people and information like never before. For anyone using the Internet, the coming decade promises to be exciting and fulfilling a NGI becomes the new standard for the world.

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