School district yanks away coaching duties from many; Coaches say they were told decision was to move in ‘different direction’

The coaches were called in one by one Wednesday to get the news from school district Superintendent Dr. Manuel Rodriguez. Some of the coaches interviewed by The Trinidad Times Independent, a sister publication of The Range, said Rodriguez told them they were being removed as coaches because the district “was going in a different direction.” The coaches said they were given no other reason for the decision. The coaches are to continue as classroom teachers, but most have been reassigned to different teaching responsibilities than they had previously.

What this means for the future of high school sports in Trinidad remains unclear. Several of the athletes went to the home of Charlene Bertolino, school board president, Wednesday night to protest the firings. One of them, Billy Vigil, said he spoke to Bertolino through her screen door and was told that new coaches would be brought in for next school year and he would be notified via a phone call from her when those decisions were made.

Longtime football coach Randy Begano, among those relieved of their coaching positions, said the disruption in personal relationships developed over many years will hurt both the students and coaches.

“The kids’ are really torn up about this,” Begano said. ‘There were high school boys and girls crying when we told them we wouldn’t be back next year. My son’s a senior next year and we were both looking forward to me being his football coach in his senior season. Now I don’t think he’ll even play football next year. This school board and administration are not doing what’s in the best interests of these kids.”

Asked about the mass firing of coaches, school board member Larry Carnes said it was typical for a school district to reassess its personnel situation at the end of each school year, with personnel needs for the coming year being a part of that assessment. He said he assumed that’s what Rodriguez and the administration had been doing.

Rodriguez said he couldn’t discuss personnel matters, and therefore would have no comment on the coaches’ firing. He said the district would advertise locally and regionally for the combined position of athletic director, head football coach and physical education teacher. He said the district hoped to fill that position quickly and “in a timely and judicious a manner as possible.” He said any other coaching decisions would have to wait until after a new athletic director was hired because that person would have input into the decision to hire other coaches.

The firing of the coaches sparked about 30 THS students to hold a protest rally Thursday morning.

Brandon Wallace will be a junior next year and said he’d come to the protest in an effort to restore the football and basketball programs to the way they’d been before.

“I think it was a dumb mistake to do this to our coaches and teachers,” Wallace said. “They haven’t given them any reason for why they fired them, and this is going to affect our programs really big.”

Brandon Aragon will be a sophomore next year and played football, basketball, and baseball as a freshman. He said he’d come to the protest to get his coaches back but added that more people needed to get involved in that cause.

“I think it will help, especially if we put more effort into it,” Aragon said. “We have to do more protesting, talk to the board members and get the parents involved.”

George Dasko, head girl’s basketball coach at the high school, kept his job through many of his colleagues were fired. Dasko said it made no sense to dismantle the athletic program in order to fix any problems it might have. He said coaches should be told about any problems by the administration, and he believes the coaches would work to fix those problems.

“The community has to come forward or live with these decisions,” Dasko said. “If Trinidad doesn’t come forward, then as coaches we have to live with it or move someplace else. The people of Trinidad have to stand up and fight for their kids.”

Fat Loss Reviews: Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle Review

When you’re looking for fat loss reviews, you’ll no doubt find a confusingly large number of weight loss programs to choose from. To help in your search, let’s dig deeper into Tom Venuto’s Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle program to see if this is the right one for your needs.

The Stuff We Like
Positive: The program personalizes the approach to each individual’s weight loss needs

Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle receives this strong positive rating from our Fat Loss Reviews department because it focuses on individual body types and their specific needs for dieting. The idea is that one body type processes foods differently than another. For example, one body type might need fewer carbs to function more effectively while another might require complex carbohydrates to operate at its best.

The program teaches you what body type you are and gives you a specific diet and workout plans that suit you best. In theory, this system should work more effectively than a general one that lumps all body types into one program.

Positive: You get lots of nutritional information

It’s hard to beat a program that gives you such a large amount of insider knowledge on nutrition and how it pertains to your body type. Over 270 pages of the core book are dedicated to nutrition – everything from calories to macronutrients to vitamins. Included are guides to help you understand your base metabolic rate and the calorie needs for your body type.

Positive: The ability to purchase upgrades

This Fat Loss Reviews positive rating is well warranted as the user is able to gain access to tons of excellent material and weight loss help outside of the core book. Upgrades include author interviews and access to Venuto’s website which is crammed full of very high-quality weight loss information and tools – calculators, recipes, forums and much more – that could be a real boost in your efforts to lose weight.

The Stuff We Don’t Like
Negative: Casual dieters may find there’s too much information

The core Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle book is 341 pages long and that coupled with the many bonuses and possible upgrades makes for a lot of in-depth information that casual dieters may not be interested in.

Negative: Not enough information on exercise

Venuto focuses most of the book on nutrition while giving just about 25 pages apiece to cardio and strength training. And he sometimes mentions exercises without explaining how to do them. One positive though is the Weightlifting FAQ section which has lots of good information.

What we think of this program

Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle receives the highest rating in our Fat Loss Reviews department – 5 out of 5 stars. It’s an excellent guide for those serious about weight loss. That many are loyal to this program is no surprise. While it’s probably not the best choice for someone who only needs to get rid of a few pounds, this is still a fantastic resource for achieving your very best body.

How To Optimize Your Writing For A Mobile Marketing Audience

How To Optimize Your Writing For A Mobile Marketing Audience

The other day I came across an article which spoke directly to the challenges writers face rewriting for a mobile audience.How To Optimize Your Writing For A Mobile Marketing Audience

Here are some of the highlights…

  • Distractions, Distractions, Distractions. The mobile audience has infinitely more distractions to deal with than a web audience. Remember, the mobile audience is just that: mobile: they could be on their way to the train, standing in line at the supermarket and so on. There is an endless supply of “off-device” distractions to contend with.
  • How To Optimize Your Writing For A Mobile Marketing Audience
  • Cut to the chase. According to one of the world’s leading mobile technology firms… “the best mobile content “cuts copy to a minimum and only spews the necessities — necessities being what your target should see during those fateful two seconds that determine a click/tap.”
  • It’s A Twitter World. Even if you’re not a Tweeter, it’s important to remember to write the best mobile content that is tweet-worthy, even if it’s not being written for Twitter.
  • Size Matters. “…when it comes to mobile, copywriters have to place extra consideration on being extremely direct, clear and succinct, because presentation options will likely be limited or even inconsistent across devices and platforms.”
  • Appropriate Behavior. When writing for apps, writers can infuse a bit more copy… operative words being “a bit more.”
Disgusting Mouth Noises

Disgusting Mouth Noises

I assure you that it has not been weeks since my last post, it only feels like that, and only if you believe that time is real and measurable, and you don’t believe all that, do you? Alright, alright. So it has been a while, and the previous sentence was silly.

Disgusting Mouth NoisesNothing too exciting has happened in the past few weeks, I’ve just been battling with depression. This is not news, exactly, and let’s not bring down the mood by dwelling on it, because that’s what probably got me there in the first place. That and my brain, I suppose, but I’m not going to fault a bunch of gray matter. One thing I will say is that when I am depressed, ord. in the d. (down in the dumps), I feel drastically less creative than when I am just bummed, or annoyed, which is the typical state under which I operate.

This all makes me wonder about the stereotype of the dark, mentally ill artiste (artiste: “a person with artistic pretensions,” moi, bien entendu), harnessing his/her manic thoughts into a masterpiece. When I am depressed, I mostly stare blankly and say, “I don’t know….” a lot. Where is my creative prize for dealing with myself? I would like it. I would like it here, and I would like it now.

Enough about all that. Last weekend, Vince and I escaped the city on the illustrious L.I.R.R. and took a trip to Long Beach for some beach fun. Somewhere along the way, an old couple sat near us, and as soon as the woman unwrapped a few hard candies, I knew there would be trouble. And there was. Judging by the sounds coming from the mouths of these people, I can only assume that they were eating Warheads, or that neither of them had ever been taught how to eat. Everyone knows that I am not a fan of extraneous, intrusive noise, and food noises are very near the top of my List of Things I Hate. The smacking of lips and gross saliva sounds soon sent me over the edge. I gave Vince a look that he understood, and quickly took out my headphones and started listening to music.

Disgusting Mouth Noises

Later, Vince told me that while I was busy practicing escapism, the lady of the couple was talking insane trash on me. He heard her say, “Tattoos and iPods, we’re so outta the loop! People don’t even talk to each other anymore,” etc. I won’t repeat the rest, because I don’t remember it, and also because that old bag doesn’t deserve the press.

It is both good and bad that I didn’t hear her. Good because I don’t find the idea of getting into an argument with an old lady attractive or flattering. The last time I got into a fight with an old lady was at P.S. 1 last summer when my mom was visiting, and not only did I feel stupid (even though I was totally right and she was nothing but a mean ol’ bitch), but I also now refuse to ever go back to P.S. 1, which I’ve heard can be lovely, but actually really sucks.

On the other hand, I regret not having the chance to tell the woman that I am not the hip, totally tatted out, disconnected iPod devotee that she took me for, and that if she and her husband had not been sucking on their candy-like pigs, I would have been fine without listening to the music I was listening to only to drown out their disgusting mouth noises. And, had I said that to this old woman, I would have felt really great for five or so minutes, followed immediately by burning shame. But oh, how good that good would have felt.

The problem is that I am conflicted with the whole “respect your elders” thing. My mom is big on it, and I think it’s generally a very good rule of thumb. If an ancient man is slowly inching up the stairs in front of me, I am not going to say, “Move it, oldie!” no matter how much I might be thinking it. But, there are loads of assholes in the world, and some of them are old…it’s a scientific fact.

Disgusting Mouth Noises

I usually really like old people. They’ve got great stories that they never seem to think are that great or impressive, and that they usually recount in beautiful detail. And a lot of old people are super-funny. Old couples, especially. My own grandparents are an old couple, and they’re great. Then again, they know how to eat food, and they don’t talk shit on me, so those are two huge things they have going for them, in addition to countless others.

Mini Dental Implants Tecate

First of all, what the mini dental implants are? An MDI is a miniature titanium implant and it works like if it was the root of your tooth, the dentist insert this in your gum and the denture is attached to it, the mobility that the implant allows is minimal and your denture can resist the natural force that, you will not have to suffer anymore with loose dentures.

The MDI can be used for a single tooth and in bridge cases, and it’s a long term solution, some people have been wearing them for a very long time, decades. There are many people that suffer from the lack of teeth, which is called edentulous, and many of them suffer from the traditional dentures, because of the movement. I think we all have seen a commercial or a movie where someone loses his denture and while it can be fun for the person that is watching, it is a very embarrassing situation to the person that happens, so the dental implant is a great choice for those who are edentulous of the lower jaw because this is the one that needs more stability.

The procedure is oral surgery, but it only needs local sedation, total anesthesia is not necessary, and this treatment is performed by a prosthodontist, also many dentists can do it. The doctor is going to put four of the mini implants in your mandible, they are the size of a toothpick, then the dentist is going to adjust your denture, this procedure takes about 1 hour to be done, it’s minimally invasive and you will be able to enjoy a meal within one hour, and with a little practice you are going to be ready to attach or remove your denture, and in this way have a good oral hygiene.

You should consider the mini implants instead of the traditional dental implant or the partials ones, they have many advantages like the fact that is a simple procedure, you are not going to have secondary effects, the mini implants are cheap, they are only a fraction of the implant supported denture cost, and I assume that you want the best teeth at the best price, right? If we endured having braces as kids, now that we are adults we worry more about our smile, so, when you decide to come for a visit ask the dentist about all the prosthodontics available and which can work better for you.

If you wish to know more about dental implants you could check on “Imtec” as they make a lot of dental products, choose the best implant dentist for you and feel free to ask him all your questions about periodontics or any branch of dentistry you’re interested about.

Fat Loss Reviews: Fat Loss 4 Idiots Review

Do you find that diet plans are often very restrictive and you tend to fall back into old eating habits because of this? You might be interested in a program called Fat Loss 4 Idiots as it takes an approach that, while having you meet certain guidelines, allows you to eat the foods you enjoy. There’s no perfect diet program, so there will always be good and bad. As a member of the Fat Loss Reviews team, I’m happy to present this Fat Loss 4 Idiots review so you can judge if this plan makes sense for you.

Fat Loss 4 Idiots Review: What We Like

You get to take breaks

This program is quite distinctive from others. Following a cyclical pattern, Fat Loss 4 Idiots has you working in the program for 11 days and then allows you to take a break and resume your old eating habits for 3 days. You’ll get to partake in some “no-no” foods at times, which keeps you motivated. Add to that the allowance for a glass of wine a day and you can see how this plan is one that’ll likely keep your morale at a very high level.

The basic premise is that you just keep repeating this cycle to lose the weight you desire.

Vegetarians are welcome

And here’s yet another unique and positive selling point for Fat Loss 4 Idiots that’s unlike many other diet programs – the meal plans allow for vegetarian diets. The low saturated fats in this type of diet is a big plus for the heart.

Your meals are your own to create

I like what I like, so this feature really stands out for me. You use an online meal generator to create the meal plan of your choice, with foods that you select from their list, making this highly customizable. However, understand that comfort foods aren’t prevalent on the list, so don’t expect to be dining on chocolate cake every day.

While you get lots of variety in the meal plans, odds are good you’ll get tired of them after awhile. You can get a nice purchasable upgrade though – called ‘Beyond Calories’ – that’ll give you much more choices.

Fat Loss 4 Idiots Review: What We Don’t Like

Needs better structure and clarity

This program might be too loose for some, especially those who need a more ordered diet regimen. And some might find it confusing as there are three diet plans in all.

Where’s the science?

Truth be told, there is no research showing that a cyclical diet actually works. Will resuming normal eating habits for three days cause you to gain back your weight? That’s likely up to each individual. And the main question is this. As this plan has the “feel” of a diet, is this something a person can follow for life?

The fat loss claims might be a bit shaky

Fat Loss 4 Idiots follows the common trend of the fat loss industry with its bold, if not dubious claim that by following this plan you’ll lose 9 pounds every 11 days. That’s a lot of weight, much of which will likely be good old short-term water loss.

Fat Loss 4 Idiots Review: What We Really Think
I can sum up my Fat Loss 4 Idiots review like so. This is a unique and simple take on fat loss. The cyclical nature of the program will make things pretty pain-free for most people who need to get rid of a few pounds. However, for those in need of major weight loss, you’ll need a more comprehensive program that includes exercise in addition to diet. That all being said, for the right folks I feel this program shows promise and give it a Fat Loss Reviews grade of 4 stars.